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How would you like to see GW2 Fractals Evolved?

Proposal Overview
Reduce the length of the Underground Facility fractal. (sry for the wall of text but I couldn’t make it any shorter without leaving something out)
Goal of Proposal
The goal is to make the Tier 3 fractals more equal in length and reduce the frustration players experience while in the Underground Facility. As it stands, just the clown car part of the dredge fractal takes as long as completing either the Volcanic, Aetherblade or Thaumanova fractals. Getting dredge as the 3rd fractal makes the whole run take 20 minutes longer than it would take with any other 3rd fractal.
Proposal Functionality
I take ‘proposal functionality’ as ’how to implement the proposal, so here goes:
1) The pressure plates – we know how the puzzle is intended to be done, but due to the endlessly respawning dredge and not being able to dodge while standing on a pressure plate the final room is unnecessarily sensitive to errors (more than would be reasonable). Suggestion: make the pressure plates in the last room significantly larger so that you could dodge on them without making the console reset.
2a)The cannon room is designed in a way that includes you fighting through the dredge, stealing the cannons and blasting the door while fending off the defending dredge. In reality it doesn’t work like that. Stealth is mandatory because the amount of the endlessly respawning dredge is absurd and cannot possibly be contained without a wipe even by an experienced party without stealthing. However unlike in the bomb room, if you decide not to use stealth you can still make progress little by little by firing the cannons even through several wipes. Suggestion: reduce the amount of endlessly respawning dredge significantly here.
2b) The bomb room is designed to be completed in a way that includes you fighting through the dredge while dropping bombs and defending the bombs while the fuse of the bombs go off. In reality it doesn’t work as intended – stealth is mandatory and becomes more and more crucial the higher the level goes because the amount of endlessly respawning dredge is just absurd and cannot possibly be controlled or contained while waiting for the bombs to go off, let alone even getting to drop the bombs without stealth. Unlike in the cannon room here it is impossible to make progress in case of a wipe because the dredge will pick up the bombs immediately if you can’t defend them. Suggestion: close the bomb room permanently; or significantly reduce the amount of dredge and shorten the bomb fuse.
3) The Clown Car. This encounter is arguably the most complained about in the cheap gw2 gold game. It seems to serve as a mere time gate, is not innovative, not fun and on top of this is bug-ridden. There is no fun and no point in spending 10 minutes at lvl49 fractal just to kill dredge after killing the trivial boss in the room. Apologies for sounding bleak but this encounter is the main reason why this fractal is by far the least liked. Suggestion: remove the encounter.
Associated Risks
I see no risk in making the changes above. I firmly believe that implementing the changes I suggested above the dredge fractal can be made more fun, less tedious and length-wise be put in line with the other tier 3 fractals.


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