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Guild Wars 2 Defense Options

If I had to go looking for flaws in my warrior, I think it would be that his defense options are fairly one dimensional. He has his government issued dodges, higher defense, and very good HP regeneration options. These tend to be suitable for the majority of PVE content, but when they’re not there’s not a lot he can do aside from putting on thicker defense. There is definitely a ‘limit’ to my warrior where there’s nothing that I can really do to stop incoming damage beyond hoping that my team has some support.

If I was going to compare that to my thief, I would state that my thief has a lot of tricks that help him evade damage entirely. If played well my thief has the potential mitigate more damage than my warrior by simply not getting hit at all.However, a lot of PVE enemies seem to be aware of this and will often simply be IMMUNE to things my thief can do which puts holes in his defense and makes him quite prone to their rampaging hulk-ness. PVE enemies don’t tend to focus on the defense capabilities of my warrior to the same degree, so my warrior winds up being the easier of the two to play in PVE.In PVP on the other hand, my thief tends to come out on top and buy gw2 gold is capable of taking down multiple opponents at once, while my warrior can very clearly handle a certain amount of punishment, and then dies.

While I wouldn’t say that my warrior doesn’t require skill, I do tend to think of him as more of an algebra problem when facing opponents. If yes = win, if no = lose. On my thief it’s more along the lines of “man, I better dodge this attack or I am going to be gooey thief-paste”. My Warrior has many tactics that can help put the algebra in his favor, while my thief has many tactics that can help him not become gooey thief-paste. While they both CAN be played skillfully and performance is greatly improved for doing so, my warrior is also able to survive to some degree by being mindless while my thief would be instantly murdered for such antics. As many enemies do not require a lot of finesse to defeat, warrior is allowed to be mindless quite often.


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