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Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Mobility Guide

Being quick and speedy is one of the ways to win in Guild Wars 2 both in combat and in world vs. world. When we talk mobility, we’re looking at two things – a build focusing on running, covering as much ground as possible and general mobility, dodging attacks and being limber in fights. We’re going to talk about both in detail to help you get places and stay out of trouble. We also discuss the finesse of kiting, which is critical to your survival as an elementalist.

As a key reminder, you can change abilities in the field rather rapidly, along with major traits, so we’ll use some unconventional skills to help stack swiftness, but when you are in a situation where you need to fight, it may be better to switch over to a more balanced or offensive build.The first component of the build is the weapons. We only will be caring about two weapon sets: dagger / dagger and staff. Staff offers Windbourne Speed which is about 12 seconds of swiftness and it applies itself to nearby allies. This is a great, general purpose way to gain swiftness and is probably the best way to apply it for cheap gw2 gold.The real treat comes with the dagger off-hand. Ride the Lightning lets you dash forward extremely fast and cover an amazing amount of distance every 15 seconds. This ability will let you cover an extreme amount of distance very quickly, unless an enemy stands in your way. After you ride the lightning, you can switch to fire and use Burning Speed to “jump” forward some. Then switch back to air.

Scepter and focus don’t offer much in the way of speed boosts. So you’re best not using them for any kind of mobility build.


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