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Do’s and Dont’s of Niflhel In Guild Wars 2

Do Plan Ahead

I may be repeating myself, but preparation in Niflhel is just as important as in Khylo or Foefire. This still includes your choice of weapons, skills, routes around the map and your role. Unlike Kyhlo however, Niflhel is much more expansive, with various locations that are wide open; I’d really recommend everyone to take a ranged weapon, even if it is your secondary. Ranged combat may not be your preferred playstyle, but having the ability to deal damage from afar or while closing the gap is really worthwhile.

Don’t Forget About The NPC’s

50 points for killing them and a team wide buff isn’t something to be ignored and is also a big jump towards your total score. As the Blue team, it is easiest to check for Chieftain Utahein by leaving the westerly exit of the Blue Base, following the path through Henge and north to the Keep. As the Red team, leave through the easterly exit, north through the Mine and on to the Keep. You’ll soon find Svanir. These routes for both teams will allow you to skirt the outside of the map and reduce the chance of encountering opponents, leaving you free to take down the NPC. Beware however; they are tough to kill.

Don’t Just Camp The Keep

Similarly to the Clocktower or Sanctum, the Keep is a magnet for all players but with four entry points (east and west staircases and rear east and west staircases) players capturing the point are incredibly vulnerable from all sides. It is much more effective to capture the Keep and move on than constantly trying to fight it out. The height advantage however, and the ability to trap approaching players on the open staircases, is a viable defensive tactic, especially if you’ve a trap heavy thief, ranger or mine kit engineer.

Do Be Wary of Choke Points

There are several in Niflhel that are incredibly dangerous. These are primarily the tiny paths through to Henge and Mine that leadoff from the centre of the map as well as the small openings through to the water ways, at the base of the westerly keep steps and before the river crossing at the easterly side of the keep (see map below). Being caught in either of these locations will leave you incredibly vulnerable, so be careful.


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