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The Impatient Dalen in Guild Wars 2

Suddenly I remembered another strong skill which was a negative skill of Mesmer; it was the Containing. But I did not know whether I had enough Guild Wars 2 gold. This skill prolonged the recovering time of the next skill used by the goal by 10 to 47 seconds. I had no time to think about it. I summoned Agate quickly.Now Dalen could not use the Vampire Touch. So we killed him easily. There were still three enemies. Their skills should be similar. We could use the Derangement Shoot and the Containing to resolve.

Dalen was too silly. His death was not our fault. Mace said angrily, But it doesn’t matter. Even if we only have three persons now, we can also kill these people. We can also buy guild wars 2 gold by ourselves.We still used the former method. I called Agate to go on using the Containing. But she was interrupted. The casting time of the Containing was a little long; it needed 3 seconds. Even if there was the main attribute of Mesmer, it could be shortened to be about 2 seconds. So it was easy to be interrupted. But the Derangement Shoot needed bow; and the freelancer of sucking blood used staff. How could a person use the Derangement Shoot?It was Barlow. I saw that he was holding a long bow. If I was right, he used the trap skill to attack us. I did not expect that his bow skill was also so good.  You could equip four weapons with you simultaneously in Guild Wars 2. Different weapon skills could be achieved by changing weapons usually. It was obvious that Barlow changed the staff for the bow. So he could use the Derangement Shoot.

It was the Ante of Archer which was an elite skill.Its profession was freelancer; its type was specialization; and its attribute was preparatory skill. This skill could last for 18 seconds. When your bow arrow hit the goal, you would get 5 to 9 points of energy. But if you failed, you would lose 10 points of energy and much guild wars 2 gold. It consumed 5 points of energy. Its casting time was 2; and the cooling time was 24.

Now we all knew that Barlow used this preparatory skill to recover blue. No wonder he had to use the bow. This skill had better effect of recovering blue than the Blood Devotement. But there was a bad negative effect at the same time.


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