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Guild Wars 2 Profession Mechanics And Healing Skills

The second part of your build that will automatically be unlocked (either partially or in full depending on your profession) when you begin the game is a unique mechanic specific to your profession. In some cases these profession mechanics will also need to be progressively unlocked through active use, similar to your guild wars 2 gold.

For example, new necromancers will be able to activate the Death Shroud mechanic [F1] once you’ve built up enough Life Force. This gives you temporary access to 4 unique skills, though only the first of these (Life Blast) will be unlocked initially. As you continue using Death Shroud actively in combat and defeating enemies, you will progressively unlock the 3 remaining skills.Certain professions will unlock additional aspects of their unique mechanic through leveling. Examples here include the Warrior which unlocks the ability to build up to three stages of Adrenaline power as they level (shown above), or the Elementalist which unlocks additional Attunements after the first few levels of gameplay.

The third and final aspect of your overall build that will be automatically unlocked on newly created characters is your Healing Skill slot. This skill will appear on your hotbar in the 6th skill slot, located directly to the right of your heath meter as shown below.Additional healing skills can be unlocked as you advance your character by purchasing them with Skill Points. Skill points are earned 1 per level upon reaching level 5, and can also be earned by completing various challenges found throughout the world in both PvE and WvW gameplay.All professions have access to buy gw2 gold, with an additional healing skill available based on the race of your character (Human and Sylvari only). Once an additional healing skill has been purchased, you can slot it on your hotbar by clicking on the small arrow for that skill slot. A full list of skills available for that slot will appear, with locked skills being grayed out on the list.

As there are no dedicated healing professions in Guild Wars 2, your healing skill will be a critical aspect of your build, regardless of which game type you choose to participate in. Please note that racial skills (including healing skills) cannot be used in sPvP. This helps preserve the balance between all characters in competitive PvP, while still offering you some unique gameplay options based on your character’s race in PvE and WvW combat.


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