How to do well with Elementalist in Guild Wars 2?

How does one play elementalist well and not die a lot, because right now I feel like elementalist sucks.

  • Armor: Well I guess I can’t fault you there for wanting more HP. You’re going to be squishy even with Sentinel’s gear, though, so try to focus on not getting hit instead of absorbing blows. You can do this through using blinds, positioning, dodging, and using an elemental to facetank for you.
  • Hitting Hard and Weapon Choice: As others have already mentioned, you want to stack might using a fire field and blast finishers, then wreck your opponents. For staff, this uses mainly fire attunement, for scepter, this means using a Lightning Hammer because scepter’s sustained damage is trash, and for mainhand dagger this means attacking in air attunement. Dagger is less melee than you may think – most of the skills have a range of 300, which is farther than melee – giving you the ability to attack and kite melee mobs. Ranged mobs you’re better off LoSing behind a tree or something and bursting if they’re aggroed onto you and not your elemental.
  • Slot Skills: Signet of Fire is nice, but when leveling via solo PvE exploration, Glyph of Lesser Elementals and Glyph of Elementals are much nicer in that it gives you something else to draw aggro. Just cast in earth attunement. Glyph of Storms can give you an AoE blind to keep you safe, as well. Arcane Brilliance and Arcane Wave give you blast finishers, which give you might when used in a fire field, which then helps you kill stuff faster.
  • Conjures: Lightning Hammer is wonderful. Its auto attack chain blinds enemies and it is pretty hard hitting – so in many situations it’s the only thing you should be using when you have a LH. Fiery Greatsword and Frost Bow are situationally useful in open world, and for them use the burst skills (FGS 3, 4, 5; FB 4, 3) and drop and go back to your weapons.

Guild Wars 2 Slow leveling/Terms/Train

Start GW2 not long ago, and back when I started, which was only about 3 month ago, I was exactly like you, until someone helped me out a bit. I used to think leveling was slow, and neither did I understand the term ‘train’, but now I’m here with 3 lvl80s and a considerable amount of gold. So let me help u out here a bit.

Firstly, train is the term used to describe a group of players who run around on a map, in ur case, queensdale, to defeat champions in a specific order. Now, those champions are actually events, group events, which means that u gain a considerable amount of exp per champion. As the train goes from one champ to the next in like no time, u r constantly gaining exp, which can help out a lot. People may say it’s boring, which I totally agree, but back when I was a total noob, I actually enjoyed it, cos it was one of my most efficient and reliable way to level.

Now, as u have already picked ur crafting professions, I guess u know what crafting is all about. Crafting can get u a lot of exp, each crafting profession has its own individual level, if u lvl a profession from 1-400, this will give u +7 character lvls. However, crafting requires a large amount of materials, therefore, if u don’t have the materials, u would have to waste some gold to buy them. Now, some professions r much much more cheaper to lvl than others, for example cooking only costs around 3 gold to get to 400, and this would give u 7 lvls., I use this website to lvl my professions, as they would tell u the cheapest way to lvl a crafting profession. Mind u, u can forget ur current professions and learn new ones any time u want, they r not fixed.

What I did was that, I followed the train, for exp and loots, then I sell the loots on TP for gold. Using the gold, I bought materials for crafting. If I ever get bored, I would do some personal story, which would give u a large amount of exp.

As for u blue tokens, u use them to learn new utility skills, the reason y u can only use one utility skill is that ur personal lvl is low, as u level up, more slots would open, then u can put more skills on. For u level, don’t hesitate to use all ur tokens, only start saving them after u have unlocked all the skills that u need.

Dungeons r a great source of exp, u get 75% of ur exp bar filled every run, no matter what level u r and what dungeon u r running. However, running dungeons do require some experiences as each dungeon has 3-4 pathes to choose from, and u need to know what to do for every path. I suggest YouTube it before running. But, some groups require 80s only, so it would be hard to join a group for dungeons at lower levels. But in the end, dungeons r fun and rewarding.