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Gone are the traditional form of questing in Guild Wars 2

Despite the narrative in Guild Wars 2 being epic and grand there are numerous faults that becomes instantly known. The game throws you into the narrative fray and expects the player to know certain details. If this isn’t the case then a critical detail that helps to understand the story isn’t available until later on. One example is the story of Destiny’s Edge. Their disbandment is not told until a you’re level 50 or beyond. It’s hard to care about characters when you’re not given a background on what exactly happened.

Additionally, the story itself feels like a series of random side quests don’t really contribute to the war against Zhaitan. You’re defeating armies of undead, recruiting allies, and more but the impact isn’t there and as a result it doesn’t leave a lasting impression.

Gone are the traditional form of questing in Guild Wars 2. Rather than using a conventional means of entering a town and grabbing all the quests that it has to offer, complete them, and return for the reward Guild Wars 2 executes the idea differently.

Dynamic Events are the new way of questing and rather than talking to an NPC to start it, you can easily find one happening as you are wandering around the various zones in the game.

Take the open field of Queensdale. There are various construction sites in the area but they are often taken advantage of by dangerous creatures or bandits. Instead of doing something to trigger these quests, you can come across a network of pipes being sabotaged or Harpies terrorizing the dam workers. It’s an intriguing notion to just randomly come across a dynamic quest.

Dynamic Events range from various tasks just as escorting, defending a terrorized town, hunting down animals, and random mini-games. While some dynamic events are just one events, there are many that lead to another creating a series of Dynamic Events. Take for instance a Hylek town that is being destroyed by a local insurgent group. By failing to protect the town, the Dynamic Event ends right there, however, if you succeed the Hyleks will pursue their enemies and a new Dynamic Event featuring revenge will begin. These quests give incentive for players to truly care about the narrative background of Dynamic Events as well as sticking around for possibly another event. It’s clever and it keeps that momentum of questing going.

However, perhaps the most interesting Dynamic Events are the meta events. These are much more different in that it directly affects the zone you are playing in. Sparkfly Fen is an area highly infested with undead. A meta even can kick off that infests various zones with undead and your job is to hold them back as well as preparing for an undead siege. Eventually the event will end with a gigantic boss that requires dozens and dozens of players to defeat. These meta event bosses exist on almost all of the maps and are quite a treat. By succeeding you prevent the area from becoming more difficult as well as create more areas where enemies aren’t inhabiting them While these changes aren’t permanent, they last for quite a while leaving that lasting impression on you.


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