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The common/most popular way to farm gold In Guild Wars 2 ?

You can also farm meta events, for which there’s normally a group of folks hitting everything as the timers pop which can net you a lot of loot to salvage or sell.You can also farm gatherable mats like iron/plat/ori or seasoned/hard/ancient woods to sell for the folks running ascended.

You can also play the market, buying low and selling high or buying up mats when they are low, holding onto them and then selling them back when they are in high demand.
Personally, the only thing I’ve been able to do to make solid gains is dungeon running with a little iron/plat farming on the side. Just remember to use Master or Mystic kits on all low selling rares for ectos and on soulbound rares/exotics. Basic works for the rest.

TP flipping can be lucrative if you find the right commodities. I’ve been making gw2 gold flipping dyes, however you don’t want to stick to one thing, because people will catch on and the market will become less attractive.

The more you play the game the more you will find out what items are good items to try to flip. Plus there are methods you can probably look up online to quickly check Buy Orders and Sell Orders to see if it would be worth your time.

Guaranteed good farming would be doing dungeon paths. Thaddeus listed all of the quickest to complete. If you can get a routine going of hitting those dungeons you will make money in no time.


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