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Make Money In Guild Wars 2

I made money on my mesmer with Tailor and crafting 12 slot bags. For some reason, the cost of the rune was less than the total profit from the trading post. Not sure if this is still the case, and it can be tough because you have to have the money for the runes first in order to make the money with them.

Sell your greens unless you plan to use them. Salvage everything else and sell higher tier mats. If this is your first character to 80 it will be tough to level it just crafting unless you throw money at the gem store to convert. The fastest way to level a first toon short of crafting is still the basics: do hearts, explore, and do dailies on that character. Running explorable mode dungeons regularly will net you lots of rewards.

Oh, and when you outfit your character with new stuff every 5 or 10 levels, just use Fine stuff. It’s more than enough until you hit the higher levels, and you go through the levels so quickly you won’t want to spend any gw2 gold on sweet gear until you get to 80.


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