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Use offers Buy your materials using offers

Use offers Buy your materials using offers. There is usually a 15% or more gap between the offer price and the sell price. If you pay the sell price, you’re losing a big chunk of your profit. Use offers, and have patience.

Compare costs Compare the costs of the raw materials, the processed materials, and the parts for your products. Figure out which combination of raw materials, processed materials, and parts is the least expensive… and watch the market for deals while you’re doing this. When you’re calculating costs, use a bit above the highest offer price. For high-volume markets, you can even use 1c above. I often make an items with some purchased parts, some processed materials, and even raw materials.

Find the dumped goods Figure out which parts are being mass-produced to level up. Those parts are usually for sale at a huge discount over their material costs. Never make those parts yourself!! Look not just at things made from common raw materials, but also the inscriptions, insignia, and filigreed gems. Some of them get dumped, too.

Look for anomalies Market prices that don’t make sense are often opportunities… just maybe not right where you are looking. If you see an anomaly, think about it. For instance, most parts are not profitable… but some are, almost. Those are the parts that are getting used, for making items that are sold for a profit.

Watch the markets for opportunity You’re in competition with every other crafter. The high-profit opportunities will disappear quickly when they do show up, so be ready to jump.Look at the distribution of bids and offers The pattern of bids and offers for an item – how many goods are offered, at each price — can give you hints about the future direction of that item’s profitability. They will also tell you how active the market is, and therefore how likely it’ll be that you can sell your item profitably. Thin markets (few sales) are risky, but can have very high profit margins. Busy markets are safer, but there’s more competition so the profits are less.

Ideally, we would like to be able to make as much guild wars 2 gold crafting as you could farming dungeons, with as much effort. However, at present it’s more efficient to farm for money than to craft, at least if you’re level 80. So even though you can make money crafting, you’ll be doing it because you enjoy it, not just to make money.


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