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How To Best Gain Gold In Guild Wars 2?

So what would I know? Well I’ve made a fairly decent amount of gold playing Guild Wars 2. I’m not megarich, I don’t have a bank full of precursors. But I have been able to buy the items that I want, I’ve purchased a triforge pendant which cost me about 80 to 85 gold. An ascended back which cost me about 40 gold in materials. I’ve got full exotics and my gear is almost ideal, I’m just lacking a second ascended ring.So, here’s a few things that should make it easier for you to to keep some spare gold in your inventory, and buy the things you want.

First off, a few general tips about gw2 gold.

If there’s another way to get it than buying it, that’s reasonable, get it that way

The main thing that comes to mind here is exotic armor. I see a lot of people who shell out 3 to 6 and even more for just one piece of exotic gear. Or craft it using very expensive materials. Note that even if you don’t buy the materials and farm them yourself, anything you use to craft is something that could have been sold, so yes you are spending gold to craft something, potential gold.

Instead there are many other ways to get it. Farming dungeons gives you better looking skins, and will actually give you money rather than costing money. If you have karma saved up, you can buy a piece of gear for 42k karma in Orr. WvW badges are another way (though Invaders gear is HIDEOUS)

Instead of spending 50 gold on 250 tier 6 mats, 50 ectos on an ascended back, you can get the 1850 relics for the prototype back. It sounds like a lot but if you do a level 8 and a level 10 once a day then you’ll be able to get 100 relics a day.

If there’s an alternative to acquiring something other than buying it, and that method is reasonable, you should do it.

You have to actually go and play the game

This is self explanatory really. You won’t get gold from sitting around in Lion’s Arch talking with the trolls that frequent map chat there. You won’t get anything from posting on the forums about how it’s a conspiracy from Anet to force you into buying gems.

Luxury items are just that, luxury items

You don’t HAVE to have that new mini pet. You don’t have to have those town clothes. You don’t need a permanent bank access item, you don’t have to have an abyss dye. Items that are considered cosmetics, or luxury items, or whatever, are not necessary. You don’t have to increase your bank space or add another bag slot for your inventory.

Now for how to best gain gold:


Say you need your exotics. Instead of buying, you farm dungeons. You get tokens and also get gold. How? Well rares/exotics can drop during dungeons making you some good money. Chests can give crystals/lodestones that are worth a lot of gold.

Bosses drop 10 silver now. With Omnomberry bar you make that 14 silver, per boss. At level 80 you get 26 silver from the completion reward. With an AC path 1 run you kill spider boss, kohler, and howling king for 14 silver each (42 silver) and then get 26 silver for completion. That’s 68 silver from coin drops and completion alone. It’s common to get at least 1 gold per AC run.

Dynamic events

You mainly want multi-stage events that spawn waves of mobs. The event to open Arah is probably the best. With a full magic find set equipped I would start out by gathering 2-3 scrap metals, turning them in and then running off to crusader angaria’s event. That event itself is bugged, so for 5 minutes you’ll just continually deal with waves of risen that you can AOE down and get great drops from. Then you run up to the promenade and deal with the giant. Afterwards you have to control another area that features a LOT of mobs that run down the steps in a giant group that you can just AOE to death and get great drops from. I don’t do this anymore but back when I did I would get around 2-3 gold in an hour.


Fractals have become my new best way of obtaining gold. The drops there are great and you’ll usually get at least 1 gold per run, and that’s a bad run. Yes sometimes you’ll get nothing but some green items. But most runs I come out making some great coin. Over the last few days I’ve gotten about 15 gold and 50 ectos running fractals. Charged cores selling for 1 gold 30 silver, lodestones that can go from 1 gold to 3 gold (unless it’s a glacial, those are very cheap unfortunately.) Cores, lodestones, rares drop like candy there. Exotics aren’t unheard of either.

Do you want valuable things and 20+ gold on hand? Just follow these simple tips and you’ll get it no problem. I have never played the trading post, exploited, etc.


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