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Guild Wars 2 Slow leveling/Terms/Train

Start GW2 not long ago, and back when I started, which was only about 3 month ago, I was exactly like you, until someone helped me out a bit. I used to think leveling was slow, and neither did I understand the term ‘train’, but now I’m here with 3 lvl80s and a considerable amount of gold. So let me help u out here a bit.

Firstly, train is the term used to describe a group of players who run around on a map, in ur case, queensdale, to defeat champions in a specific order. Now, those champions are actually events, group events, which means that u gain a considerable amount of exp per champion. As the train goes from one champ to the next in like no time, u r constantly gaining exp, which can help out a lot. People may say it’s boring, which I totally agree, but back when I was a total noob, I actually enjoyed it, cos it was one of my most efficient and reliable way to level.

Now, as u have already picked ur crafting professions, I guess u know what crafting is all about. Crafting can get u a lot of exp, each crafting profession has its own individual level, if u lvl a profession from 1-400, this will give u +7 character lvls. However, crafting requires a large amount of materials, therefore, if u don’t have the materials, u would have to waste some gold to buy them. Now, some professions r much much more cheaper to lvl than others, for example cooking only costs around 3 gold to get to 400, and this would give u 7 lvls. http://gw2crafts.net, I use this website to lvl my professions, as they would tell u the cheapest way to lvl a crafting profession. Mind u, u can forget ur current professions and learn new ones any time u want, they r not fixed.

What I did was that, I followed the train, for exp and loots, then I sell the loots on TP for gold. Using the gold, I bought materials for crafting. If I ever get bored, I would do some personal story, which would give u a large amount of exp.

As for u blue tokens, u use them to learn new utility skills, the reason y u can only use one utility skill is that ur personal lvl is low, as u level up, more slots would open, then u can put more skills on. For u level, don’t hesitate to use all ur tokens, only start saving them after u have unlocked all the skills that u need.

Dungeons r a great source of exp, u get 75% of ur exp bar filled every run, no matter what level u r and what dungeon u r running. However, running dungeons do require some experiences as each dungeon has 3-4 pathes to choose from, and u need to know what to do for every path. I suggest YouTube it before running. But, some groups require 80s only, so it would be hard to join a group for dungeons at lower levels. But in the end, dungeons r fun and rewarding.


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