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Five Ways To Make Guild Wars 2 Gold

There are plenty of methods to push some coin, but some take a lot of risk or a lot of study. The methods listed here about the more reliable ways of keeping gold in pocket to help you reach your goals. Do keep in mind that all guild wars 2 gold and descriptions listed are based off the current game economy and trends.

Black Lion Weapon Skins

Key Farming is by far one of the most profitable ways of making large amounts of gold over a long period. Most of the profit comes out of Black Lion Tickets and therefor the weapon skins you can get from the Black Lion Weapons Specialist. These skins are highly valuable typically a few months after they were featured and will net fifty gold or more in profit, depending on the demand for a particular skin.

The problem with this is that it requires a significant time investment, or upfront cash , in order to truly profit off this method. You will want to get something like five skins to sell later, and Greatsword skins are often the ones that sell the best. This can take up an entire week just to farm out enough keys and ticket scraps. Outright buying keys can take at least 35 USD, depending on your luck.

One Hundred Gold Profit

Undoubtedly, however, it is the best way to get a sustainable income. After you build a few months of inventory, you can easily cycle out your skins for the new set and just convert your gold to gems to get the keys. This will cut out the time or real money investment, and just become a game if you can maintain a profit after converting gold to gems. If you invest in five skins each Living World release you can roughly get you 500 gold every few months, more if the skin is really popular.

2,500 Gold Profit?!

If you manage to get really lucky you might even get yourself a Permanent Hair Stylist Contract. I’ll just let the picture show why that is a big deal.

PvE Champion Farming

Champion Farming is essentially the way to reliably invest time and rely a bit on luck to get solid profit. This method can reaps immediate profits through the selling of greens, blues and rares to the trading post. The farm gets its real gold out of the occasional high demand exotic you can get out of the Champion Boxes.

The places you will want to go are Frostgorge Sound and Queensdale for the most populated farming groups. Just find the usual Commander that is leading the group and just tag along for the ride. After about an hour of farming you will roughly get five to ten gold if you sell everything.

It is a really solid way to get some quick gold for some crafting or other small purchases.

Dungeon Farming

Dungeons provide a bit of Champion Farming, but with a guaranteed gold or more on top of the champion boxes you will get. This method will provide you with plenty of loot to sell to easily push a dungeon path that provides one gold reward into a total three gold profit. Considering you can complete some of these dungeons quickly if you have a solid team, it can easily be one of more profitable ways to make gold in a short amount of time.

Resource Gathering

Gathering and the selling of the resources is where you can get great income for a shorter time investment and know almost exactly how much you will make after a gathering run. You will want to check the Trading Post before you begin and check which resources are selling high at that particular time. After that it is simply about heading out and gathering up as much of it as you can.

Two Gold Profit

For instance Iron Ore is selling for almost a silver each at the time of writing this article. Which means for a short run, which will take thirty minutes if you learn all the particular iron ore spots, you can get a gold for 100. Along the way you will undoubtedly be gathering up all the other resource nodes as well, and by the end of a 30 minute run you could easily be pushing for two gold.

World vs. World Farming

This method is the most risky of the bunch listed here. It relies on your particular server doing well, a commander with the mindset to farm and being able to handle yourself in a proper PvP fight. If your server is dominating it is just about the best way to get gw2 gold, badges of honor, World Rank award chests and champion boxes in one go.

Don’t imagine that you will be able to enter WvW every time and get right to farming for these things. It requires you and your mass of people to move around the map and constantly cap towers, keeps, camps while the other servers are essentially doing the same thing right behind you. It has to have that unique position where nobody is necessarily willing to stop the other, which doesn’t typically last too long in the higher tiers of WvW.


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