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Who Is Account Bound Crafting Protecting In Guild Wars 2?

Why are so many crafting items Account Bound? In what way do these restrictions on, say, food protect the economy? Take Prickly Pear Stuffed Nopale, for example. It gives a boost to Power and Condition Duration and it lasts 30 minute. That’s hardly game-breaking stuff. But it’s Account Bound. Why?

There are some people who hate crafting, and never will craft, who might be happy to pay someone else to make this for them. There other people who have no desire to use this food but will buy the recipe anyway because they’re completionists. So how would the latter selling to the former hurt the game’s economy in any way?

I mean, I can understand putting Account Bound limitations on certain powerful or exceptionally desired items that you want to use as long term goals. But putting those restrictions on such mundane things as run-of-the-mill consumables doesn’t make any sense to me. It seems to me you’d want people who enjoy crafting to make guild wars 2 gold selling items to those who don’t.

It’s not a lot of different content, it’s what is available as content right now, there is no other content we can do simultaneously that limits us in such a way as the living story does.

I love the living story, but I absolutely hate these crappy time limited gold+barter requirement obsolete before you get them account bound items as a ‘reward’. A ‘reward’ is NOT SOMETHING I PURCHASE, it is something GIVEN to you in exchange for something you did.

Account bound crafting is stupid – I understand the binding for Ascended items, it has lore attached to it and if Legendaries have infusions then that goes for them as well. However, for EVERYTHING else it is absolutely contrary to natural existence. Why would something I crafted at a public crafting station with a publicly discoverable or purchasable recipe ever be considered bound to me in any way, shape, or form? It is anti-fun to not be able to share in an MMO.

Your Prestige is your problem as well considering every single player can attain exactly the same things.

Binding things is not a reward, it’s destructive to the principles of hard working craftsman who put their time, effort, gold, and materials into the process only to find out they just wasted all of that for something they can’t use or benefit from.


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