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Guild Wars 2 Adding Diverse 5 Man Instances

The new living story releases added new instances soloable by players and a new map for open world content, well it might please people into highly directed narrative experiences and the ones into open world zerging. But the game really lacks fun 5 man instanced content. By instanced content i do not mean dungeons but encounters specifically designed for 5 player, examples would be the sub-director Noll encounter which I consider as one of the encounter when it comes to gameplay mechanics(even if it had some flaws), another example would be the the Evon/Kiel protect the treasure from eatherblade instance. Diverse instances with diverse diverse rewards would be welcomed by a niche of players and if Anet nail it with the replayability value it could become hours of fun contents for groups of players.

2 really good type of instances would be:

  • A never dying monster:
    The players will face an enemy with multiple bars of hp, the monster will get stronger, get new abilities and add new mechanics to the fight for each hp bars it looses.
  • Endless waves against the fort/artifact:
    The players will have to protect a fort/artifact from never ending waves of enemy, waves after waves the monsters will get stronger and attacks the fort/artifact in diverse ways (sieges, long range attacks…), the players will be able to use siege and will need to develop strategies in order to deal with the toughest waves.

The reward should also push the replayability factor, so all these instances would reward universals tokens, which could be exchanged for crafting material one time use guild wars 2 gold and foods/consumables but each instances should also have a low drop rate unique reward in order to have it’s own identity.


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