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2 Ways of making money in Pre-Searing Guild Wars

GM’ing (Gate Monkey or Gate Master) is someone who opens the gate to the Northlands. More experienced players like to farm in the Northlands to kill Charr bosses in hopes for good drops. The gate needs someone to pull the lever, and someone else to run through the gate. A typical payment for a GM is 100 gold or a random dye. There’s also a flower on the way that you may get. This is great for new players to do to get enough money to buy much needed Charr bags (2 of them gets you 20 extra storage spaces) and whatever else you wish to buy. It takes all of one minute to GM someone, and people are looking for GM’s all of the time.

Once you have enough XP under your belt, Charr hunting is the next step. Leave it until about level 7 and try to get your armor prepared with runes and insignias. This is where you’ll need a GM to make your way into the Northlands. There are many Charr that drop purple weapons which sometimes can have pretty valuable properties on them such as sundering and Charrslaying. Max Charrslaying (18%) on a bow, axe, sword or hammer is worth anywhere from 500,000 guild wars 2 gold to 100,000 depending on how patient you are at selling and finding the right buyer. The lower % Charrslaying mods are valuable as well. Charrslaying on a staff isn’t worth much as casters don’t use their weapons as often as their spells. Fortitude (+28 health) is more helpful to these players. The Charr also drop runes and insignias. A good handfull of these are valuable, especially Vigor and minor fire. When you reach the Charr bosses, they can drop Charr bags and Charr kits. These days, Charr kits alone go for 10,000 gold. Charr kits are the only gold drop in pre.


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