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Power-leveling A Necro In Guild Wars 2

I’m looking to level my new necro to 80 as quickly as possible, I might take a bit of time off to experiment in WvW and sPvP, but essentially my goal is to get to 80 as soon as I can and re-spec. Looking at traits and skills, it seems to me that the fastest way to do this is a power build focused on wells. Would you mostly agree? What would be a recommended build for that, keeping in mind that I’ll reset all my trait points anyway once I hit 80?

At the moment I’m level 25, so no Elite yet. My game involves pulling as many mobs together as I can and dropping well of suffering, well of corruption, and Asura pain converter on them, as I basically run around trying to do as many hearts and events as possible. Anything I could be doing differently to level faster?

Just to point out, you don’t get 10 levels from maxing a tradeskill. Its more like 13-15 depending on your crafting crits, and even if you are low on gw2 gold us you should max Cooking as it only costs around 1g (make sure you’re buying mats at the appropriate time of day).

If you plan on crafting to level then make sure you go to an overflow server where you don’t have any WvW bonuses and obviously make sure you don’t have a crafting booster active. Crafting criticals increase your crafting experience and allow you to hit 400 crafting faster, but they do not increase your character experience.

For example when I had 18% crit from WvW and a crafting booster active I got 9 levels from 1-400 cooking, but when I did it again on a different character without any bonuses I got 14 levels. It costs more money to max a tradeskill without bonuses, but you arguably get more bang for your buck without crafting crits.

Aside from crafting the above posters are correct: Dailies, DE’s and especially your Personal Story are the best way to level. Condition builds are great for DE’s because of all the AoE (Signet of Spite + Epidemic is great in the earlier levels). But if you’re looking to change things up then Dagger power builds are really fun too.


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