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Trying To Make A Gadget Build In Guild Wars 2

Hey there, I’ve been trying to make a gadget build in anticipation of the FT and Utility Goggles buff. However, so far everything I’ve come up with has the flaw of being totally inferior to Elixirs. As opposed to the often amusing effects of Gadgets, Elixiers when traited give you:

  • Condition Removal (often a weakness of Engi)
  • Might stacking
  • Multiple Buffs (including Stability and Stealth)
  • Invulnerability

Meanwhile, the Gadgeteer trait hardly gives any real utility and while the effects are fun: flying across the screen, sending them flying, creating a mine field. These effects are way more interesting but interesting doesn’t keep you alive.

What I want is basically a Flamethrower/Gadget or just a pure gadget (probably have to use Med Kit for swiftness) build. I would post what I’ve tried so far but none of them felt solid enough. The issue is always burst mitigation and condition removal. With Static Discharge damage is generally good but once someone sets their sight on you you’re basically screwed. If anyone has suggestions let me know.

I’ve been running a full Gadget build for a while, in PvE. I’ve dealt with the lack of condition removal by getting a Sigil of Purity, in order to passively cleanse conditions. Throw Mine gives damage, knockback and boon stripping on a short cooldown, and Aegis when traited, which can allow a moment to react and Rocket Boot into the distance – it’s actually, in my opinion, one of the best standalone skills the Engineer has. Minefield also provides a pretty good spike (with a ton of boonstripping, too).

Build’s been using a Rifle, has Celestial stats (though Zealot or a similarly Power/Precision-focused set of gear would probably work better), and has: 4/4/0/0/6 for trait spread.

That said, a Gadget build really isn’t as good as Elixirs, but I think that’s got a lot gw2 gold eu to do with the dearth of Gadget traits compared to Elixirs – two Gadget traits (boons and cooldown), versus five (AoE damage/boonstrip, Might stacking, condition cleanse, duration and cooldown). There’s simply so much more for Elixirs, even if only four Elixir traits can be taken at once due to most of them being in the Alchemy tree.
I’m not even counting ‘oh, and you can get a trait so that you automatically use this one elixir when you’re at 25% HP,’ or the ’you’ll use a different elixir when you’re at 75% HP’ in this list.


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