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Why doesn’t anybody run Rage on GS In Guild Wars 2

Just started really playing again so my previous experience may be out of date that’s why I’m asking.

So here are a few dot points as to why the GS has taken over completely now:

  • Prior to the patch (Dual sigils on 2h/rage buff)
    – Rage proc was bad (even knowing how to use it properly it rarely proc’d in good situations)
    – GS only had one sigil which pretty much meant Fire (some people said hydromancy but I’ll explain why that never worked in a sec)
  • GS as a weapon
    – Extremely easy to dodge all skills
    – WW must be mid cast to use with JI therefore on swap sigils (Hydromancy) were useless
    – Reliant on allied control or enemies not dodging
    – Good for faking out/drawing out dodges so that other skills land
  • Since the patch
    – Rage always procs
    – Hard to dodge now with rage
    – Binding can give you more control over targets you know dont have Breaks, with JI it’s impossible to counter without a break
    – You have a bonus sigil, so you can get more damage or survivability

So with all the obvious advantages of using rage now I don’t really see at all why people shouldn’t use gw2 gold.It has bumped the GS from your below average weapon to the strongest guardian damage weapon by a huge margin.


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