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Vee Wee’s Pvp Suggestions In Guild Wars 2

Balance Patches
Balance patches come out way too infrequently! A small change can have a profound effect in game! Not changing anything means nothing is changed! Don’t wait 6 months to shave off a few numbers on a skill! Do that biweekly! Or monthly! Half a year is too much! You’ll never balance perfectly so stop trying to make everything perfect! Make it good! If it’s not good, make it better! Keep making it better! And if you do this weekly, or biweekly, or monthly, your players will thank you for it! This 6 month process cannot continue my frands!

Pause Feature
A few weeks ago Vee Wee was watching a tournament on Blu’s stream! One person on the blue team disconnected and the casters were like, “Hey one guy on red team please AFK in spawn until blue guy comes back!” It was the saddest most ghettoest thing Vee Wee has ever seen! This needs to be addressed ASAP for the sake of guild wars 2 gold! ESPORTS!

Match History
Vee Wee would like to see Vee Wee’s match history! How many kills Vee Wee got, the points, who else was in the game, etc! Great idea!

Voice Communication
This makes it so people not partied up can communicate too if the other communication suggestions aren’t to your liking Arenanet! Communication is key, and voice communication is the easiest form of it! Yes there will be naysayers to this Vee Wee knows! “But Vee Wee, people will just spam the mic! It will be thuper annoying!” Mute them you idiot! That’s my response!

Build Templates
Sometimes Vee Wee wants to play Vee Wee’s #1 Engi build NA! Vee Wee’s P/P condi build! Sometimes Vee Wee wants to play triple gadgets! It would be very convenient if Vee Wee could do this with a press of a button! Vee Wee is tired of changing all the traits, all the sigils, all the runes, all the weapons, all the amulets! Convenience is great!


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