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Rangers Deserve More Than They Are Getting In Guild Wars 2

Elementalists have a large amount of healing skills they are able to use. Necromancers have naturally high health and almost a whole second extra bar of health when they have life force. Engineers have Healing Turret, which heals very high on a very short cooldown and the possibility to use utilities for added on healing. Now… What do rangers have? A pet? Pets don’t help you stay alive. Natural high armor? Nope. An kitten nal of healing skills? False. Rangers have nearly nothing to help keep them alive other than speccing for full tanking and using their heal skills to stay alive. This calls for a buff in survivability, whether it come from pets somehow, traits, utilities, whatever. I personally believe, as I said, that swapping “Natural Vigor” and “Peak Strength” and then buffing Natural Vigor back to 50% endurance recharge would help tremendously without making it where every ranger has it because you would have to put 5 points into the Wilderness Survival trait line to actually get gw2 gold eu.

Now, back to hopefully adding in more team support. I see rangers as more of a class that should be able to do anything with how they are set up. They do give a little support, they do give a little damage, they do have a little survivability. The thing is, for almost EVERYTHING a ranger can do, another class can do better. That is why people normally won’t accept rangers in WvW. If more healing and buffs were added into the Nature Magic trait line or into utilities, it would allow a lot more build diversity in rangers than everyone using Longbow after the buff comes.

I am truly looking forward to seeing something along the lines of all this happen to rangers to help make them more useful in WvW mainly, but just more useful as a whole. People hate rangers right now, and it needs to stop. If some, or all of these things can happen, rangers will no longer be looked upon with shame or laughed at as easily.


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