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The Necromancer Changes Will Not Be Enough In Guild Wars 2

Other suggestions: I suggest making soul marks baseline and adding a new trait called reaper’s ferocity, which would be a +150 buff to the necromancer and his nearby allies’ ferocity stat, much in the way of spotter, or empowering allies. Make it only active in death shroud if you want. We DESPERATELY NEED SOMETHING LIKE THIS TO KEEP FROM BEING AS EXCLUDED FROM MERE PUG DUNGEON RUNS LET ALONE SPEED CLEARS. Tell me how many speed clear records used a necro? NONE. Its simply unfair to have necromancers so far below the other classes for having no 3 target cleave or offensive group support options.

Anyway, finally in regards to the meta of necromancers in all game modes, they will be running the exact same builds with little to no difference. PvP will still be the cheesy carrion terrorbomber we’ve come to hate fighting against, while power necromancers will be a bit rarer as they can’t sway teamfights as easily with lich. Necromancers will still be subpar roamers and decent team fight pressure in pvp, but will stil be LAUGHABLY weak to focus fire, and will still be unable to fulfill the sustain role that attrition suggests. The GvG scene meta may incorporate MH dagger a bit more, but thats hardly an actual difference as many people do already after being sick of the axe’s kitten iness. In PvE necromancers will still be the definite worst off.

Anyway, I’m honestly baffled devs. Look at mesmer, they’ve been giving feedback on the problems with ileap, Phantasms dying before they can attack in large groups, and a general lack of AoE pressure in large group fights in WvW (now fixed by mantras and phant invuln trait), as well a subpar condition damage option with the scepter, and the kitten iness of mindstab. All of those things were listened to, and they were pretty much all fixed, with appropriate changes that will make the profession in a much better place in all game modes. The scepter may have been too much, but I appreciate the changes to clone death traits and PU.

With the necromancer changes, its like we were almost listened to on many of these changes, but the solutions the balance team has picked are simply too underwhelming and too ineffective to make necromancers undeniably better off in every game mode, especially compared to classes like the mesmer, that got cheap gw2 gold they really needed in one patch, save for reverted nerfs to glamours or blurred frenzy.

At the end of the day, I don’t know if I want to keep maining necromancer or not. I was sincerely hoping that the things holding this class back could be addressed in a reasonable manner, like they did with rangers and mesmers and engis. I made howler for my necromancer as my only legendary as a huge labour of love for my necro, but I now I regret that since I might as well stop playing my necro and just play mesmer or medi guard instead. I shouldn’t have spent 2 and half months pugging every dungeon imaginable with awful people to make howler. I should of just made meteorlogicus instead, so I could enjoy playing a class that anet actually cares about improving like Condition mesmer or DPS guard. Or even the unchanged S/F ele I love so much. So in short to end this rant, I am woefully disapointed with the necromancer changes and all of the time I invested in playing my necromancer. I should have mained pretty much every other class, because I simply see no point in playing necromancer for pvp (or pve) anymore when I can just outdo it in every way on Ele, guard ,mesmer, or even kittening spirit ranger. Sure there will be WvW, but thats getting boring too as a content graveyard where nothing changes.


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