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Guild Wars 2 Post-Patch Theorycrafting:Celestial Rangers

While most of you have been going on about the improved longbow, I think we should talk about ranger specs that are likely to be used at higher levels of pvp play. In truth, I’m not too experienced of a ranger, but I’m just trying to look for good things that will be viable after the patch.

Anyway the point of these builds are to use the combo of might stacking and a celestial, a combination proven to be rather effective on elementalists, warriors, and engineers. The new axe autoattack will provide very easy might generation, which pushes the old builds, many of which that used shortbow over axe, to a whole new level!

Warning: “Calculations” below are rudimentary, and speculative at best.. so I might be wrong!

With strength runes and 5 or 6 in nature magic, the boon duration line, the might from the autoattack should go from 3 seconds to 5-5.25 seconds. This is due to 70-75% might duration from traits and runes.

This is where I’m not entirely sure:
The cast time of riccochet is 1/4 of a second, however there is a slight delay between casts, and according to the gw2 wiki, there is one second per attack every second, however I’m not sure if that is true, or if its more like 2 attacks per second.

Regardless, this change will facilate for decent amount of might stacking, that gains strength when fighting 3 targets. In a team fight, you’re essentially getting 3 times as much might, meaning about 15 stacks before you start to falter.

Now in all practiality, when you use other skills, your potential might generation falls off, especially when you swap weapons (probably to sword/torch), but you need to do that have respectable condition output and evades.. so it will be interesting to see how much might I can maintain in practical fights.

Now onto build ideas. These all use a 0/0/6/6/2 set up, but I think other options are possible. In particular I like the synergy between the 3 and 5 point traits in nature magic with the build as a whole, and wildnerness survival provides so much extra survival.

1. Revamped Spirits

This build uses stone and sun spirits, as well as spirit of nature for the classic spirit ranger team support options, however is more hybridized thanks to strength runes and might uptime, rather than being more condition focused. Battle sigils help maintain a baseline of might when you can’t mindless spam autoattack! I put the last two points into beastmastery for mighty swap, but you can put them into skirmishing as well for extra vigor or extra bleeds.

2. Spirits+Shouts

This build trades spirit on death effects, and the live saving skill that is lightning reflexes, to be able to get from place to place faster from swiftness, as well as to give your group permanent regen up time.

3. Master of Survival and Poison

This build clears conditions and builds fury using survival of the fittest, and takes poison master and doom sigils to make poison more effective. Signet of the wild is kind of a placeholder, but many other options work for that spot.

Anyway, these are my ideas for now. I think a more beastmastery heavy build could also work as well. So what do you guys think about this type of ranger in the coming meta? Warriors won’t hardcounter them as bad or be as common, which is a relief. I think we still face competition with D/D eles for these types of builds, as while we have greater condition output and more evades, D/D eles have greater AoE damage, greater mobility, and greater healing and regen. I’m just glad that we will at least approach them in terms of might stacking capabilities.


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