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After 2 years building and wielding my Ele as a Main, crafting Legendaries and spending God knows how much gw2 gold on different armor stats and skins, leveling up 3 different Ele races to 80 and gearing them, I finally realized that I’m done crying over the fact that I don’t have a single usefull durable Elite that can make an impact to the match. If anything using my Elite will speed up the process of killing me and I just have to accept that ANet doesn’t know how to Balance out Eles. I think the whole 4 Attunement was a big catch for them and I’m now ok with it now.

And it’s not just the Elite issues, don’t get me wrong. This break-up has been building up for some time now. Fixing unintended effects is great but I gave them 2 years to fix the core of Eles and yet they only care about the superficial, most popular stuff that gets posted on reddit and pvp guides. So I’m done.

Why should I struggle learning, already complex Ele mechanism, when I can roll a Guard and be so much more useful in any game mode.

Ditching out mats for Incinerator and crafting a Sunrise this week was the greatest choice I ever made in this game.

So bye bye Elementalist we had an amazing 2 year relationship. I choose a better GW2 experience then you’ve offered me in the last 2 years.

Still, the impact of the spells has always been kinda “meh” in all of these areas (taken aside the unintended functions that are “fixed” now – tanking bosses against walls to kill them in seconds is both boring and unintened and should’ve never been a thing in my opinion; but PvE is a joke anyways).

Tornado does basically nothing: the damage is ridiculous, it doesn’t block or reflect projectiles, you can even be CCed while transformed when stability is stripped (CCing a tornado … lol …), the CC itself is clumsy with a quite low range and last but not least you only have 3 different “spells” to use while transformed (they could’ve at least given it 5 spells like sucking in all enemies within a certain range or active projectile-block). This makes Tornado useless in WvW and in PvE it’s even more crappy since you knock away mobs from melee-range of your mates and therefore harm your group rather than helping. In PvP tornado just transforms you into a large, helpless whirl of wind with a “hit me” sign on it.

Elemental dies within seconds in WvW and also high level fractals and most dungeons which makes it useless in these game-modes. Even in PvP it can die really really fast and due to the randomness of its spells it doesn’t have a large impact on the fight (especially in team-fights). At least we can now control some of their spells to actually make them usefull.

FGS was the only usable thing in PvE, yet it required the target to stand next to a wall to pay off. Otherwise normal weapon-spells (staff 1 and 2 spamming) deal more damage. Besides that it can only be used for mobility which is nice but not really “elite” in my eyes.

However, ele isn’t the only class that has crappy elites, so I don’t think that this is a reason to quit ele. Still I’d love to see some drastic changes to tornado for example or a completely new elite (there are enough good suggestions all around the forum).
An elite should be something that makes your enemies flee in panic or pop their CDs and not something that makes you a target that is easier to kill (FGS and Tornado).


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