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Albion Online Suggestion: Guild recruitment billboards

Hi, my Buy Albion Online Gold suggestion is an interactable billboard within each major city which allows local guilds to put up their advertisements, and allows people looking for a guild to have a convenient place to scroll through.

I understand there is already a ‘guild finder’ option at the top right of the UI however this is global and can be difficult to find a guild which is situated in a specific city.

I came up with this idea after struggling to find a guild which is local to the city that I am currently situated in. I am sure you understand that people may find a place they want to settle down at before deciding that they are ready to look for a guild. There are multiple reasons a player may want to settle at a single city and be hesitant to travel to the other side of the continent to play with their new found guild members. These include their personal island, stacked resources, and familiarity with the surrounding zones. A player may have spent a long time getting used to the zones around his city to find those good grinding spots.

Anyway, back to the suggestion. These Guild Recruitment Billboards will make it very easy for people searching for a local guild to see through their options. It will also hopefully reduce the guild recruitment spam in global chat, which is irrelevant to 90% Albion Online Silver of the playerbase to begin with.

It will also add a new bit of atmosphere to the cities as it will subtly give the idea that guilds really do settle down in specific cities, which is quite unique to this game compared to most modern MMO’s.

Thanks for taking the time to read.


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