Blade & Soul: Ok, I’m done Peace

This isn’t intended to be a complete troll thread, but more just my opinion after playing pretty heavily for over a month. I can understand why people love this game. The graphics, game play, storyline, world. pve and pvp are all very well done, however there are many things that make this game unplayable for casual and non expert gamers. The grind is just way too ridiculous. My main is a 46+ FM needs that needs 47 gold to upgrade its weapon.

12 for the cost and 35ish for the moonwater secret technique. Then I have to wait another day for the trans stone to complete. I’ve tried soloing Brightstone and obviously that didn’t go well.. Not to mention non of my accessories are siren and need ridiculous amounts of grinding as well. I’m not an instant reward guy, but even getting to this point was pretty rough. I know MMOs are grinding, but come on. We all seek to hit the highest tier as soon as possible, but I don’t see it any where in sight.

I understand the level of skill this game takes is what makes it special, but the learning curve is pretty cheap Blade-Soul Gold. I watched vids read tons of threads, but I get wrecked in PVP and I’m not even gold. Which is fine except the game pushes you to PVP for souls. After the 4th day of getting smashed on and I just quit pvp entirely. I’d play a class that is easier to learn, but there no way I’m grinding to 45. That and we don’t have a universal vault so I can transfer gold and stuff over to make it less of a hassle. I guess I could try sparring and practicing but the dailies take up most of the day as it is.

I’m sure there are plenty of people that enjoy all the grinding, but I guarantee you 2/3s of people have or will quit in the near future. My friends have all quit after hitting 45 and seeing the upgrade reqs. This isn’t Korea. The majority of Americans aren’t going to play a game where it can take a week for an upgrade. I hear it doesn’t get easier as we higher either. People paying 1,000s of dollars instead of playing. I noticed the twitch viewers has dropped dramatically and I understand why. This game is for elite American and regular Korean gamers. I commend you. You guys are impressive, but my guess is the player base will only be small amount of you because every else has bailed. Oh and the bots….

I will say that Ive found that this game is not a hard grind to get to 45. Its quite fast and easy to level up in comparison to other games. I dont understand why people want the best stuff in a matter of days, then what? You’d get bored and have nothing else to work for (especially considering that you said you dont want to get another character to 45; which you wouldnt be alone in). Money is easy to obtain even for casuals. Will it take longer to get upgrades? Of course it will, but thats due to the amount of time you place into the game. Ive never once played a game that rewarded you more for playing less. New games always have a high influx of people because everyone wants to try out the shiny new toy; they never stay the same size as when they initially started. BDO will be exactly the same, as will the next and the next. I think that NA is used to instant gratification and if there isnt any, there’s something wrong with the game (which imo, there isnt). I dont personally believe this game requires much expertise to play. It just takes time to master.


The Server Dungeons of Blade & Soul

We have cross server dungeons, with gold bidding on items, friend and party able, as well as a shared auction house, across all servers.

If you literally are incapable of thinking of a way of transferring gold with what’s available to you, well now. Good luck on any class you choose. Once you figure out the answer to this riddle, you will be a master of all things related to being average at video games.

“You are stuck in a cardboard box, how do you get out?”

I don’t even have profane gear and solo’d everything in this game so far.

Also, the clan mates I have that run FM completely make my life look miserable compared to them. If I can’t infinite stealth loop a boss, I can’t solo it easily.

My FM friend stands 2 feet away and proceeds to do 500k+ of dmg on the boss without it ever being able to attack back.

Idk man. Seems like the class needs serious help.

TLDR: You want to be good at arena, your not that Blade-Soul Gold, you refuse to get better, you play PvE and grind for a power you don’t need, essentially spending hours for nothing, and a slow progression even then.

-shrug- PvE and everything it has going for it here is dull and bland, from the item system, never a fun RNG drop, same ole same ole, maybe one thing drops here who cares items don’t matter upgrade food yolo.

Only substance is PvP, the grind is just as tedious.

And you picked what was at least previously one of the hardest classes to play efficiently in higher tiers. (mainly because of many counter gimmicks requiring you to learn how to work around, and the inability to use your main PvE gimmick)

I don’t want to be that guy, but get good man. Did you come from WoW? The games not that hard…

here is my challenge, make a KFM. Get to like lvl 20, spec in to shin kick. Counter a mob, iron shoulder him approach, and try to do a 3 r f combination.

This is the bread and butter of what most of these fools think is the most complex mechanic in the game. I’m sure you can do it, now you just need to LEARN How and when to use such mechanics.