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Ask arbitrary questions of BNS

Well let’s apply some fucking common sense to the situation before we ask arbitrary questions. You have a team of like 12 people, and you want them to send an email to every account they deem “suspicious” and give them a 30 day turn around time to provide an explanation? No, you ban them and handle the clean up later. That’s the whole point OF an auto ban system.

So yeah I have faith in the company to resolve it no matter which end of the spectrum it falls, but to blindly believe the company is in the wrong, when community managers have posted on this very forum explaining WHY it happened to Buy Blade And Soul Gold, because of negligence on the user, yeah, based on evidence I can make that determination.

With the size of the team, to the size of the player base, unfortunately, any person who has a relevant degree in business management will tell you, assumptions, albeit, reasonable ones, have to be made for the benefit of the entire base of your consumers. Yeah there are false flags here most likely, but no one is taking note that the turn around time to resolve it is less than a business day, so yeah, kudos to them.

Of course it’s fine to automatically ban accounts. The point in case is that these auto bans are wacky beyond comprehension. When one mentions gold selling websites, that would be a cool reason for an automatic ban. Somebody using the Currency Exchange and by happenstance clicking an entry made by a malicious account is not. And I don’t think people with relevant degrees in business management would tell you to make a faulty system that bans people for extremely silly reasons, then clean up the mess afterwards.

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