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You could try KFM in Blade & Soul

For games like B&S, no, there isn’t much else you can go down on, if you plan to still be viable.

You could try KFM, as it can be built to be a superb tank or it can be raw DPS or it can be both. But TBH, this is not the game for more BNS Gold. Even games like WOW, that offer multiple talent builds/paths, fall into the META game route.
Even GW2, with it’s specialization build and tons of options for weapons/traits/sigils/runes, etc… fall into the META game.

Unfortunately, to be the best at one class in one environment in an MMO now a days, you have to play the META game.
This is specially true for B&S, where everyone and their mom is after Attack/Crit/Crit Damage, for more than obvious reasons. This becomes even more apparent when you tag an enrage bar on the bosses.

PvE is just very homogenized in modern MMOs, since there’s not a lot of reward for the risk of running something sub-optimally. On top of that, approaching a game with a ‘hardcore gamer’ attitude is what’s expected of you from other players when doing group content. Even with strangers in a dungeon finder. There’s one or two ideals you aspire to replicate/surpass, rather than carving your own path. The last of that generation of games died when City of Heroes got shut down. At least, that’s the only game I can think of in recent years that had an oldschool approach to character builds.

‘m agressive player when it come to pvp.I always strike back and don’t try to avoid battle.Thats not smart at all and I know.Some people prefer to win on any cost.Today I had 1 summoner in arena…all he did was run,slow,when cds up – dps a bit,slow,run…3 minutes…2 rounds…I lost on points.It’s so stupid that the cat doesn’t count for jack shit.I mean fucking little bugger should count a bit.Obviously not on 100% but a bit…and atm is silly as fuck.You lose time to burn the little bugger,meantine get some dmg and…you lose if the other player is road runner….he stopped running only when he had petal and once you pull him out of there he just stealth and run,run,run…use second shield dps a bit…run…run….

Obviously thats win tactic vs Force Masters but me as player that either win or die hard trying Blade And Soul Premium Membership…not my taste of a tea.But every class has the ability to out smart the other with the right cpu behind the screen.

And If I show you my pve build…most people never seen such mess of a shit but I pull agro even from very pro tanks so it work…all it matter.Yeah I read guides and shits but not my taste and I play with my own shit and it work…so I don’t care.

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