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Blade & Soul: Ping from Australia

As I’ve noticed there have been HEAPS of posts regarding a Oceanic/SEA server and I’m PRETTY SURE I’m just saying the same thing everyone/anyone else has…. I’m trying to play on the NA server and Using the Pgui tool and doing ping tests the BEST ping I’ve gotten is 250ms…… According to Pgui I’m get 270ms+ in-game :bowling: !!! I’m actually having trouble doing PvE as a BM I just cant time my blocks or combos right, as I’m seeing the attack incoming I push my block button and the attack has hit before the block actually activates.

When trying to swap to draw stance (using Q to dodge around the enemy) doing this to avoid an attack is IMPOSSIBLE and by the time I’m actually around the enemy they’re already facing me with BNS Gold…..Let alone most of the time i actually have to hit the button twice before it actually works!! Well PvP is just a joke I can’t even keep track of where the opponent is!!!

Now I’ve tried WTfast, doesn’t work just keeps crashing, Is there ANY OTHER WAY to try and improve this??? I’m DESPERATE for help with this!!! PLEASE!

Thanks in advance for ANY form of reply!

P.s This is in no way about the whole Oceanic/SEA server debate I just want help to try and get ANY FORM of improvement!

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