How I Expected The Ls/lw To Work In Guild Wars 2

I wanted to lay out how I had expected the LS/LW to work so that maybe ANet can incorporate some of it into the LS/LW format.

1. My expectation was that the LS/LW format would focus on adding a deepening and expansion of the world, rather than focus on entirely new stuff. Now I realize that Mordremoth was part of the existing world all along, so I will elaborate some more: I had expected several stories to take us into new area’s or existing area’s, and have us deal with the various interesting sub-races around. F/e I had expected a storyline to deal with the Centaur, with the Krait (underwater map), etc, as well as dealing with the specific antagonist groups within each race (instead of piling them all up).

2. These stories would come with changes to the DE’s in existing areas, dealing with the particular foe-group, while at the same time, opening up a new area that could be considered this foes ‘territory’. The main story, the new DE’s, as well as the DE’s in the new area, would supply these foes groups with a deepening of their background, supply gw2 gold with motives, internal conflict as well as binding against external forces, it would show how these groups dealt with the over-arcing thread of the Dragons. And as such enrich both these races as well as the over-arcing state of the world.

3. These LS segments would come with One-time Large Scale Open World Events, but wouldn’t consist entirely out of them; F/e the Ancient-Karka-Queen in SouthSun was a good example, even if you missed it, it didn’t diminish the story/content that much, yet for those who participated it added an extra dimension to the content. This event would have been a great source for footage for a cinematic shown as the ‘opening scene’ for replaying the story surrounding South Sun.

Other Large Scale Open World events would be scaled down to also function as a valuable replay step. Sure this means making the same content twice, once as large scale open world content, and a second time as small scale instanced content. But it would add a lot to the LS first time play through, as well as supply sensible content and story cohesion for both Alts as well as new players.

Aka. replayability of these LS segments would be high, and in a sense would function as an extension of the Personal Story… Due to their multidimensional nature (aka, each deals with a specific group, or area), would provide players with a choice as to what to tackle when. Sure the first time players could only play through events in the LS as a one directional story, but as soon as 2 story arcs would be present, a player would have a choice in the order of their approach. So in a sense the LS is weaved into and used as an extension of the Personal Story.

4. Because these LS segments are (besides a way to alter and add to existing content, as well as opening up new areas for play) a way to extend the personal story. These LS segments would use the same model where appropriate. While I acknowledge that a story is linear, and thus can not provide entirely different versions of the story, using different approaches to the same problem, or different angles/flavour to the main story, would be a great way to incorporate some choice and feeling of agency within the LS. It would add replayability for alts, and it would also supply the community (forums and chat) with information to share.


Guild Wars 2 A Potential Esport

The whole idea I’m trying to get across was to create something that wasn’t mindless and has some essence. I only used specific games as a reference, I never said Anet should just copy feature x from game y.

Let me ask you and everyone reading this a question, do you honestly enjoy grinding mobs for currency/materials that are so easy to defeat you could kill these creatures in your sleep? Is this concept actually fun for any of you? After a few hours I’d imagine anyone with a brain gets bored of doing this. THIS is what the MMO market needs to STOP making us do. This atrocious mindless self indulgence we call PvE is not something most of us enjoy when it comes to being forced to grind the same mobs 100,000x times in order to finally obtain the result we have been long waiting for. I understand the point of a time sync for the sake of business, but at least make the journey to our final destination entertaining… please?

IMO we should have to face challenging tasks to obtain the rewards we seek, these tasks shouldn’t have to be repeated 1000 times either. I’m not saying Anet should make us group up to fight X boss because he hits so hard, so often, you couldn’t possibly avoid all attacks and therefore need 1 person tanking and 5+ people healing. Group challenges should be soloable, hard as hell to do so but soloable, this way there is a difficulty level for all kinds of gamers to enjoy, you cater to the casuals by letting them easily complete an event by grouping and also let that hardcore player have his fun as well.

With all that being said, I believe that GW2’s PvP is far superior to its PvE; I don’t have any statistic to prove what I’m about to say but based on my intuition Anet would be better off heavily devoting their time fixing up the WvW/SPvP side of the game. The PvP in GW2 is Anets diamond in the rough where their PvE as of now, is nothing special.

“Trying to inject what works for other popular platforms will likely only backfire.”

This is exactly why focusing on PvE will eventually lead to the downfall of this game unless they come up with something revolutionary.