Albion Online Resources Vs Population

Ok so first time i have played the game since i backed it way back Cheap Albion Online Gold when, i goto to say so far with the game itself i like it with the way it plays im totally disappointed let me explain.

* lvl 1 – 2 resource crafting is fine apart from lvl 2 stuff there is none, the problem i have seen the population is to big for the amount of resources that the map holds in other words the game cant handle this many people.

* why do i need the previous resource to craft the next one – crafting 100 lvl 3 logs i need 100 lvl 2 logs is this by design or is this a bug because if its by design its a bad one, i dont understand why you would need to spend 4 hours gathering 200 lvl 2 wood and then spending 4 hours gathering lvl 3 wood and then realising you need to spend another 4 hours gathering lvl 2 wood to make your lvl 3 planks REALLY?. There is not enough resource lvls in the game to support this type of system because everyone and i mean everyone is looking for the same level resources and none are changing hands and that takes me onto my next point.

*People are not putting resources on the auction house they are hoarding them to save because its took them so long to gather so there is no, resources changing hands.

*So far i have played 10 hours and i still cant make journeyman tools because i cant get the resources so most of my time has been spent running through zones that say they are filled with lvl 2 – 3 resources and when i get the there is just screen after screen of lvl 1 trees surely if it says lvl 2 – 3 then the main resources should be lvl 2 – 3 not lvl 1.

*Please kill some of the damn rabbits is there any need to have 5000 rabbits running round every where? i try and run through a map and im using a bow i run along the road and i click and my guy stops and shoots a damn rabbit, i run through the trees and my guy kills 10 rabbits by the time i have got to the other side they are annoying as hell and not only that do you really think that a person playing on ios is going to find it movement friendly when they are killing rabbits all over the place and all they want to do is move.

Now i cant be the only one that is not enjoying the game so far because all im doing is running around empty screens trying to find the resources to get myself some armor and weapons so i can get into the thick of pvp but the grind is worse than any Korean title i have ever played and take it as gospel i have played a hell of a lot, i just feel at this point in the game development the pvp is going to be anti climactic after the 60 hours of grinding resources needed to get the gear to loose it again and spend another 60 hours to do the same and if that is the plan for the game im afraid no amount of real money investment to help the grind would ever help me and probably a lot of people enjoy the game for what it could be. Now i know that i will get a lot of negative feedback of this because some people its their first time playing and once the OOOOO new shiny game wears off see how many Albion Online Gold people agree.

I really hope i didnt waste my money backing what i thought all those many months ago was going to be a cool pvp game.