Two Concerns About Bleeding Shot In Guild Wars 2

Before the concerns, I want to list this: Changing a condition-based auto attack to a power-based one in a weapon with a power-based damage dealer and a power-based burst skill is a GOOD THING. It’s the same problem that P/P thieves have. But it has to be done well.

So, the two concerns.

1) With the removal of the Condition based auto, now BOTH ranged weapons for the Warrior rely on Conditions. Wouldn’t it be advisable to also change Dual Shot (Warrior Longbow #1) to cause considerably less damage but to cause a bleed? This would synergize with the burn caused by Fan Of Fire (Warrior Longbow #2) and Combustive Shot (Warrior Longbow Burst) and the heavy bleed on Pin Down (Warrior Longbow #5).

2) While the proposed 20% damage increase sounds tasty, let me look at the numbers right quick: Right now, my warrior with 1 566 power and 828 condition damage, lists Bleeding Shot as dealing 264 damage… followed by a 756 bleed. Changing that to just 317 damage is a 69% damage reduction. That’s massive. Now, yes, I realize this is in large part due to the brilliant synergy with Deep Cuts (Warrior Arms III, +50% bleed duration), but that trait is in the same tree as the Rifle buffing trait Crack Shot (Warrior Arms IV, 20% rifle and harpoon gun reduction + piercing). Again, that’s massive.

Now, there are mitigating factors – building heavier Power will make my Volley (Warrior Rifle #3) and Kill Shot (Warrior Rifle Burst) hit harder, and the extra adrenaline on Vulnerable targets will let me Kill Shot more often (painfully slow as it is to do), and that’s before crits, but I just want to point out that every crit, currently, means a 33% chance for a 336 damage bleed from Precise Strikes (Warrior Arms Adept Minor) and a 60% chance for another 5s (actually 7.5s) bleed from the Sigil of Earth. We’re talking about a severe damage decrease here, and I think it might hit far too hard.