Guild Wars 2: Brisban Wildlands Skill Challenges

Skill Challenge #1 – Skrittsburgh East End

Our first skill challenge in the Brisban Wildlands is found at Skrittsburgh East End, located in the underground city of the skritt. Getting to this skill challenge requires completing an extremely easy jumping puzzle to get up to the challenge location. Once at the location, the player will interact with a Super Shiny Thing, that will then lead to a fight. The player will face off against Schotakk the Shiny King and His Band of Brave Shiny Collectors, which means you’ll face a veteran skritt and his two minions.

The fight itself is simple enough. The two minions stay at range while the Shiny King will engage you in melee. What’s amusing is that he carries the Super Shiny Thing (a chest) with him during the fight.

Skill Challenge #2 – Skrittsburgh Center

The second skill challenge in the Brisban Wildlands takes place at Skrittsburgh Center. This skill challenge is simple to complete. All the player has to do is interact with the Keg of Skrittsburgh Special, which will give the player a bottle of Skrittsburgh Special in their inventory. Open your inventory and use the bottle and you’ll get your super shiny skill point.

Skill Challenge #3 – Skrittsburgh

Our third skill challenge, and the third challenge found in Skrittsburgh, can be found south of Skrittsburgh Center. This skill challenge is a fight that begins after the player interacts with a skritt by the name of Inventor Shminkta. He will ask you to fight against his Pilotless Suit Thingy golem. The golem has both ranged and melee attacks. He will stay back and attack you from range if you don’t advance on him. Overall, this isn’t a difficult fight and is pretty straightforward.

Skill Challenge #4 – Koga Ruins

Our next skill challenge takes place in the Koga Ruins, southwest of Skrittsburgh. This skill challenge requires the player to fight an annoying ghost that is running around the ruins irritating people. To start this skill challenge, talk to Seraph Soldier Michella and then you’ll have to subdue the ghostly runner, Zengrade. The ghost really does run around a lot so you’ll want to use any attacks or abilities that will slow him down (chills or cripples) so you can really pound on him. Other than the running around, this fight is pretty easy.

Skill Challenge #5 – The Shattered Henge

The fifth skill challenge in the Brisban Wildlands can be found at the Shattered Henge. This skill challenge just requires the player to commune with the Henge of Denravi, which is represented by a pillar of light. To reach this skill challenge, just drop down from the vista above into the pool of water.

Skill Challenge #6 – Thaumacore Inquiry Center

The sixth skill challenge in the Brisban Wildlands is found at the Thaumacore Inquiry Center, located in the southwest corner of the zone. Just like the Shattered Henge, all the player has to do to get their skill point is do a simple communion. The object of the communion is the Thaumacore Energy Source, represented by a pillar of light.

Skill Challenge #7 – Toxal Bog

The seventh skill challenge is found in the Toxal Bog, located just southwest of the Thaumacore Inquiry Center challenge. A quick way to get to this challenge is to walk south out of the room of the sixth skill challenge and hop over the wall and drop into the bog.

This skill challenge is easy with the only hassle killing the creatures in the area around the challenge. Here the player interacts with Lady Grimassi, who will then give you some Toxal Bog Stew to eat. Hold your nose and choke down the stew and you’ll be rewarded with a skill point.

Skill Challenge #8 – Hidden Lake

The last skill challenge in the Brisban Wildlands is found on an island in the Hidden Lake. This skill challenge is a fight against the Restless Arboreal Spirit. This fight is tough for several reasons. The first is that the spirit is a veteran creature with lots of hits and giving out lots of damage. The second is that the area has a number of grubs that will aggro you if you get them caught in an AoE. Lastly, the spirit uses a lot of snares to bind you in place. As always with any difficult fight, prep any useful abilities before the fight. If you have any abilities that can break immobility, this is a good fight to slot them in and use them.