Why Deathshroud Doesn’t Work In GW2

GW2’s combat was developed as an action experience. Active movement should matter, positioning should be important and visual queues/reactions are what separate the great player from the bad. To support this, classes were given dodges as innate abilities and a slew of other active skills that allow them to avoid the big hits from their foes. A party with nothing but offensive equipment is able to complete any content by playing well and timing their abilities correctly. Unless you play a Necromancer.

Necromancer have damage mitigation in the form of DeathShroud and this was deemed such a powerful ability that in exchange for it Necros sacrifice damage immunities/mobility/health recovery. DeathShroud is a very powerful mechanic and would in conjunction with all that be horribly OP, but as it is now DeathShroud goes against everything that the game’s combat was built upon by having the Necro actually tank the big hits. DeathShroud is a skill that would be perfectly in place on other MMO’s holy trinity design, but that sticks out as cumbersome within GW2’s systems. DeathShroud allows the Necro to play recklessly, to a certain point, since it allows Necro to survive more attacks than any other profession, but where is the skillful play in that? Why does such a big part of 1/8 of the professions maintain behavior that the game was designed to have left behind?

When you take DeathShroud into PvP a whole other slew of problems pop up. Necro’s have attrition as their core combat philosophy, but DeathShroud is anything but an attrition mechanic, as any experienced Necro can attest, when you get pulled into combat battle becomes a ticking clock, the longer the fight lasts the less likely the Necro is to win.

Why is that? Because Necro’s sustainability also goes against GW2’s intended combat design. Any other profession will sustain by avoiding the enemy’s attacks and using positioning and skills to mitigate damage while at the same time recovering their HP. The Necro cannot avoid the enemy’s damage and recover HP at the same time. DeathShroud blocks all forms of health recovery- Unholy Sanctuary is not meaningful enough to make a difference- and that means that a Necro’s HP is constantly depleting during combat. But, you might say, DeathShroud also works as HP! The Necro can recover LifeForce in % chunks and has a huge pool of HP! Well, here’s the problem, when DeathShroud is active LF also gets spent as a % for each second and a Necro needs to attack a foe to buy gw2 gold!

People generally try their hardest to avoid being attacked. When a Necro and another profession engage in combat and both decide to play defensively and recover their HP the other professions will at the same time avoid being attacked and recover HP, the Necro will use his healing skill and not be able to attack the enemy and recover LF. So the phase of recovery is over and both go back to hitting each other, the Necro is building up LF now right? Well yes, but he’s gone back to losing his health as well! This leads to a cycle of constantly decreasing health for the Necro. Necros are constantly fighting against a clock in combat, we have to go all in burst, even in condition builds, or inevitably lose a fight.

The best strategy against a Necro is to play conservatively, the Necro is always being worn down during a fight. How can that be the reality of the profession with attrition as its combat philosophy?!?

TL;DR – DeathShroud is part of old MMO Holy Trinity design and doesn’t fit nor work with GW2 combat.


Guild Wars 2 A Potential Esport

The whole idea I’m trying to get across was to create something that wasn’t mindless and has some essence. I only used specific games as a reference, I never said Anet should just copy feature x from game y.

Let me ask you and everyone reading this a question, do you honestly enjoy grinding mobs for currency/materials that are so easy to defeat you could kill these creatures in your sleep? Is this concept actually fun for any of you? After a few hours I’d imagine anyone with a brain gets bored of doing this. THIS is what the MMO market needs to STOP making us do. This atrocious mindless self indulgence we call PvE is not something most of us enjoy when it comes to being forced to grind the same mobs 100,000x times in order to finally obtain the result we have been long waiting for. I understand the point of a time sync for the sake of business, but at least make the journey to our final destination entertaining… please?

IMO we should have to face challenging tasks to obtain the rewards we seek, these tasks shouldn’t have to be repeated 1000 times either. I’m not saying Anet should make us group up to fight X boss because he hits so hard, so often, you couldn’t possibly avoid all attacks and therefore need 1 person tanking and 5+ people healing. Group challenges should be soloable, hard as hell to do so but soloable, this way there is a difficulty level for all kinds of gamers to enjoy, you cater to the casuals by letting them easily complete an event by grouping and also let that hardcore player have his fun as well.

With all that being said, I believe that GW2’s PvP is far superior to its PvE; I don’t have any statistic to prove what I’m about to say but based on my intuition Anet would be better off heavily devoting their time fixing up the WvW/SPvP side of the game. The PvP in GW2 is Anets diamond in the rough where their PvE as of now, is nothing special.

“Trying to inject what works for other popular platforms will likely only backfire.”

This is exactly why focusing on PvE will eventually lead to the downfall of this game unless they come up with something revolutionary.