Clockwork Chaos In Guild Wars 2

Continuing with its promise to release new content every two weeks, Clockwork Chaos has begun in Guild Wars 2.

“Queen Jennah’s jubilee celebration continues in Divinity’s Reach. The Queen is preparing to address her subjects and the dignitaries from other cities – but someone else has plans for the Queen’s speech!

The nefarious villain, Scarlet Briar, has made herself known to Tyria! Chaos ensues as she unleashes her clockwork minions across the world!”

The Queen’s Jubilee has come to a close, and so have the balloons and mini-game diversions. The 14-day celebration of all things Jennah culminates with a speech from the Queen herself in the Crown Pavilion. That is when the invasion begins.

In Clockwork Chaos, Scarlet’s clockwork minions invade entire zones across Tyria. Players can fight back the invasion for achievements and lucrative rewards. All possible maps are subject to invasion and players can claim one reward per day per map. Scarlet Briar herself is a daily world boss. The invasion is a permanent feature of Guild Wars 2, and won’t go away after the Clockwork Chaos update is complete.

On feature of the Clockwork Chaos patch that hits today is Scarlet’s Funhouse. It seems the villain has taken over a building in Tyria and turned it into a demented fun house. It is the players’ jobs to head in and assist Emissary Vorpp reverse-engineer the portal technology to get in the fun house and restore it to its proper form.

The Guild Wars 2 page on Clockwork Chaos can fill you in on all the changes—both temporary and permanent—that will happen starting today. Look for updates on WvW, achievements and culling. There’s also the normal bug fixes and tweaks to classes.

Guild Wars 2’s Living World has produced so much new content. Have you been able to keep up with it all? Does is keep you involved or get overwhelming?