Guild Wars 2 Dancing Dagger

The whole Skill Set set of D/D needs a change.
D/D absolutely is no power Set, nor a clear Condition Set. its currently a Hybrid Set that really works not for none of both preferences.

D/D should become a clear Power Set, that you just can turn with the help of Traits into a Condition Set.

Double Strike > Wild Strike > Lotus Strike.
– Increase the Power of Double Strike form 2x 188 to 2x 250
– Increase the Endurance Gain of Wild Strike from 10 to 20
– Increase the Power of Lotus Strike from 286 to 300, remove the Poison Effect and change it to 5 Stacks of Vulnerability.

When changing to Condition Daggers, Wild Strike gives no Endurance Gain anymore, but instead dazes the foe for a second and deals Poison.
When performing Lotus Strike, it deals then for 5 seconds 3 Stacks of Torment.
D/D should become under Condition Traited Setup a weapon set, that punishes fleeing and alot of moment to make it easier for the D/D to stay near in melee combat without having to rely so muich on Shadow Steps, like playing with the Sword does.

Heart Seeker nearly stays as it is, but should get a trait that makes using it more comfortable and increases its range from 450 to 600. WHat do I mean with more comfortable? By using that said trait, Heart Seeker should receive the same Mechanism like Whirlwind Strike of the Warrior, that Arrow Mechanic, that lets you decide into which direction you leap forward. With the samlike mechanik of HS and such a dquick direction changign mechanic, using HS will become more comfortable for making quick direction changes, so that a Thief could react better with HS on direction changres of a foe to pursuit them better while raising its max range so that they have it easier to pursuit those annoying runaway warriors in WvW

Death Blossom needs a clear buff, in its current form its way too weak and useless in most cases.
While playing it under its Power Setting, Death Blossom should deal an increased amount of Hits.
Instead of 3 hits, it should perform 6 Hits. Instead of peforming 3×201 damage, it should perform 6x 150 Damage. so that this skill benefits more from mechanics that rely on hit chance, critical hits and so that it deals in geneal more damage, so that it actually can do domethign against those total OP self regenerations of warriors for a short moment.
Evade Time should get increase from 0,25 seconds to a full second. 0,25 seconds is ridiculous and helps against nothing in WvW/PvP if you face multiple enemies at the same time.
Under Condition Setup each of the 6 Hits should deal Bleeding (so 6 stacks total to make death blossom more deathly and a real danger. Increase therefore the initiative cost back to 5 under condition setting, This together with the poison and torment of the Auto Attack row should deal with these annoying bunker builds with toal OP self regenerations)

Dancing Dagger Needs to get its damage increased back to how it was before its nerf.
Under Power Settign I mean. Under Condition Setup Cripple should get exchanged with Chill and it removes Boons if the foe is suffering on more than 3 conditions to have another option to annoy those silly bunker builds.

Cloak and Dagger
Remove Vulnerability from it under its Power Setup and reduce its initiative cost from 6 to 5. Change its functionality under a Condition Setup to become a Shadow Step attack, that deals instead of 3 Stacks of Vulnerability 5 Stacks of Vulnerability and Blindness under the cost of 4 Initiative for the cost of getting no stealth from it anymore for the gain of that blindness and more mobility and a bit more dealt Vulnerability.

And for all of this just needs to be changed for example a useless master trait under the Deadly Arts. Dagger Training
Change Dagger Training to a trait, that changes your Dagger Skills between Power and Condition Setup. The increase of the power setup dagger skills will make up for the loss of the 5% damage increase from the old trait version.
Activate that Trait, thats renamed then to Malicious Strikes and it changes your power setup dagger skilsl then to a condition based Setup like described above so that D/D becomes the real Hybrid Weapon Set, where the player can decide, how he wants to use the Daggers and not where the weapon set self enforces on you a certain way of playing build.