Guild Wars 2 Suggestion:Dungeon Change Template

So now, with this dungeon, you can run straight past spider queen, through the tunnels and to the boss if you want. You will have to fight a boss that has a huge aoe scream, lots of spawns, reduced damage, and random falling roof. If you are skillfull, good, and work as a team this is intended to be balanced that it’s killable in long duration fight, with very high risk. However, 99% of parties should not be able to do this, and even full pro’s should have trouble. However, run all events and he becomes a short fight that as long as you have people thinking about the mechanics, using the tools provided successfully will succeed. A completely un-organised group will need have a struggle on the boss fight, promting good team communication. Nowhere near impossible, but the chances of succeeding a run where you drop an LFG, and run through the entire dungeon without saying a word are next to zero.

With a full party it should be relatively easy to complete if successfully clearing all events as you could essentially have 1 of each party member as a shielding ghost, scepter killer, and one on each turret, and have the help of the ghostly ‘elites’ to kill the boss, which would trivialise all his mechanics.

This introduces huge strategic elements. Most parties will not rush the boss as it is unlikely to succeed, so it comes down to which events do you do or not do? Do you run all the events as a 5 man party, or split to save time? “Speed Clears”, similar to the way they ended up in GW1 was how can you optimally split your party to complete each event simultaneously as quickly as possible. But this was obviously riskier.

Skips also become riskier, as anyone who dies needs to be ressed where they are, possibly requiring the mobs to be killed by 2 or 3 players depending on how many don’t make it.


Daily reward for the dungeon should be increased to 5 gold, and 200 tears of Ascalon. Each run (non daily rewards) returns one Ghostly Covenant, a new token which [insert challenging, but not ridiculous number here] of which can be traded for a coloured reskin of the Ascalonian Weapons (Think TA Aetherblade weapons). These weapons are also rare, random drops. Add an achievement for completing the dungeon without completing certain events (like Queens Gauntlet Gambits). For each event not completed when the boss is killed, the party gets 1 additional Ghostly Covenant.