Guild Wars 2 Suggestion: Password for Guild Bank

I recently got hacked about 10 days ago and finally got my account back from anet. Anet restored my account to first day of this month which cause me to loose nearly 500g because at that time I just bought some toon slots. Furthermore, my small little guild bank where I store alot of valuble items also gone.

Anet told me that they are not able to restore any lost from Guild Bank so that’s a shame cause I have a bunch of unidentified dyes and exotic armors I stored for future use.

In spite of the above, I was thinking maybe Anet can create a (one time/day) Password required to use Trading Post as hackers salvage ur stuff and sell in the trading post for gold. On top of that, Bank and Guild Bank should have the same one time/day log in to access.

This way, with the 2 step verification, password on banks and trading post, the hacker are not able to sell any of you stuff in trading post or get into your bank.

I know is a hassle to go through all that but is one time log in to trade or bank a day… It is SAFER. Trust me, when you log in without any armor, gold, gem, bank items, laurel, karma, and etc. You would not think is troublesome to have that wonderful feature.


was hacked last year. I had up-to-date antivirus and anti-malware and did full scans before bed at night and also did a scan immediately after getting hacked. The closest I have downloaded to a program even remotely related to GW2 is Teamspeak. My accounts for both my email and my game account are unique. They are very secure. Even if there was a keylogger, I don’t type my password… I wrote a script to write it for me. I have a secure router. When I was hacked there was an error coming up in GW2 saying something along the lines of “cannot connect remotely to game”. I was knocked out of the game and at the same time, my internet service went down for a few hours. When my internet came back up (I was sitting there waiting as it was a Saturday and I had no intention of anything other than playing GW2), I logged into my account to find 8 naked characters and everything on the account completely stripped. There was a email notification saying that someone from an IP located in China had accessed my account. I had every angle covered and still lost everything, at least, until Anet restored it all.