Gw2 Has Both Amazing Active Of & Df Game Play

To start with there are two types of game play passive & active:Passive play requires little input after initial set up from the player to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Active play requires constant input from the player to achieve maximum effectiveness.Between passive play & active play I believe it’s active play that most players find the most engaging and enjoyable. Having a high skill ceiling and generally performing better in encounters at higher skill levels.

So for engaging & enjoyable high end game play for me it should required as extremely strong focus on active game play to perform at this level. And it’s at this point that I find issues with GW2 OF & DF favours, mainly the interaction of passive stats and their association with items & gear.

Please note when talking about OF & DF game play I’m looking at a heavy focus into each of these favours which includes all elements, role/build/skills/gear & items.GW2 has both amazing active OF & DF game play, but due to some designs there seems to be an imbalance between how the passive OF & DF stats effect their corresponding active game play elements. I find no problem with OF game play and the interaction of OF passive stats and the OF active game play. But when compared to OF game play DF game play feeling less rewarding and after awhile less fun once you reach a certain skill level due to the interaction of passive DF stats and DF active game play.

This feeling of imbalance comes about because active defence is independent of passive defensive stats. If this is right or wrong I leave it up for others to decided but in effect what this means is a OF focused player receives the exact same full effect from their active defend as a DF focused player. The difference is a DF focused player receives a massively reduced effect of their active offence when compared to a OF focused player.

What this amounts to is:
For Defensive focused roles/builds/skills/gear & items to be wanted or desired at high end game play an encounter must excess the available active defence of Offensive focused roles/builds/skills/gear & items, until this is achieved Defensive focused roles/builds/skills/gear & items will be undesired and unwanted at high level play.