Our Newest Guild Wars 2 Tailoring Guide

If you want to live the life of a tailor you will want to follow this Guild Wars 2 tailoring guide. A tailor primarily crafts light armors. These can then be worn by Elementalists, Mesmers and Necromancers. In addition a tailor can craft inventory bags and runes to further increase the boons granted by armors.

The first step on your journey to become a master tailor of course involves learning the basics. You will do this by visiting a trainer located in a number of hubs. I’ll wait right here while you go and do that.

Oh good I see you have returned. Okay hot stuff think you are ready to start making marvelous armors? Well you would be wrong. You need materials to do that. Did I forget to mention that you will need those? I should have told you to buy some thread from town. I’ll wait here. Go get them, you will want the jute thread to start your journey.
Okay, now we can begin. In addition to the thread you will need other materials as well. Most of these can be found by defeating level appropriate enemies or by salvaging old pieces of gear. If you come across any crafting materials such as vials of blood be sure to hang onto those as well.

Now, if you have managed to find a collection of jute scraps and rawhide leather sections we can start to advance your chosen career. You will want to refine the jute scraps into jute bolts. After you complete this task you should refine the rawhide leather sections into stretched rawhide leather squares.

Now you have your basic materials required for the first stages of tailoring. Much of what you will turn these into are only a piece of a whole. For example, you will see that you can make a jute tunic lining. What good is the lining of a tunic without the rest? Look a little closer and you will see that you can also make a jute tunic panel.

You are probably asking what you need to do next. You have the required pieces of the armor but separated they are quite useless. You have two choices now. If you want to make a simple variant of the armor you can craft using the two pieces you just made and a crafting component (such as the vials of blood I told you to keep). The other option is to make an insignia.

An insignia will grant crafted armor specific abilities and boons. For these early levels you can make insignias easily by combing bolts of jute and various crafting materials. The crafting material used will determine what kind of insignia is made. Try to find a combination that will benefit your play style.

Once you have your insignia made you can now craft your armor. Take the two halves of the armor piece and the insignia and combine them. Remember discovering recipes is a great way to increase experience and so you could make armor with each of the insignias. You could then simply sell them or salvage them for more material. In this way you can quickly level up your tailoring skill.

That’s all there is to it. Now go out armed with your new knowledge. Perhaps one day you will be able to call yourself a master tailor.