Guild Wars 2 Necromancer

Its fine a new player in gw2 to start with a necromancer and enjoy the class to level 80, but after that if he’s looking ahead for an endgame will be disappointed.The class has no place in pve, wvw and maybe pvp(its still ok).People will ask you to change class if you want to do fractals and the reason is just that doesnt bring any utility for the group (that is a sang song i dont agree) other classes are capable to deliver(might stack, reflect or stability).

A new player will like that class and then see he was trolled by the game developers mistakes, which are gamebraking(minios – 6 utility skills with their traits useless) for almost a year old and still no fix.

Im playing this class mainly cos of fun only and will do till the day anet admits they never wanted necromancer to look this way, so it will be over with it, or some total makeover.My advise is dont bother with the necro. Stick with the living story stuff!

But another problem, is that Anet seems to have a habit of saving Necro changes till last, and then implementing them right before a major tournament. That’s a big problem for pvp, since often things get broken in these patches, and you’d preferably not find out about that during the tournament.

Necros are just in a bad spot in PVE, and it’s a problem that mostly pops up against bosses, and in dungeons. We have little to no group support, there’s the condition cap, condition immunity and condition resistance, and of course defiant. For a class that is focused on conditions and control, that is a big problem.

For WvW, I’d say we can be very useful, but it’s our sustain that is a big problem. Our Death Shroud doesn’t scale with larger numbers of players, which means that under focused fire, it can instantly be destroyed. Our complete lack of any invulnerability skill, and poor access to stability, tips the scales unfairly in the favor of other classes. Especially for those moments where you quickly have to flee into a nearby keep, it’s the classes that have these skills that make it out alive. We also have some of the poorest downed state skills.

But this has been a balance problem since day one: Stability, Invulnerability, Downed State. Back in GW1, I already brought up that Anet should never have introduced invulnerability to begin with, since you inevitably run into balance problems when not every class has access to it. But in GW2 invulnerability is even more widespread than in GW1, which unbalances the game even further.