Guild Wars 2 Fixing Rapid Fire In 5 Easy Steps

Rangers have always been a very good option, at least for roaming. Case in point: Gladomer. Just because not many people play Ranger doesn’t mean it’s under powered. There were many very skilled rangers I came into contact with on a daily basis. Even in Tpvp I would occasionally find excellent rangers. Among “top tier” Tpvp There has been a humongous influx of rangers. Unless you’re referring to sub 100, you’re flat out lying. For the most part I Tpvp every day (Team arena or solo queue depending on the day) and I generally sit around 200-300 rank in team arena and 500-600 in solo arena. Just yesterday I played two matches while queued up for Archeage. The first match there were three rangers on my team, and two on the enemy team. The second match there were two rangers on my team and two on the enemy team. This has been my experience ever since the patch.

The guy above said that rangers have the “highest burst.” That isn’t true because fresh air Ele’s can burst for insane damage right? Well sure, many classes can, but not by pushing one freaking button! Rangers just press two and hope for the best. If it’s reflected they dodge backward, use a few skills to distance themselves, and then press two again and hope for the best. The point is that the skill has a very short cool down, practically no telegraph, and the capability to reduce your hp by 33-50%. These three factors make gw2 gold unfair. Before the patch, we could tank the first few arrows while closing in. Now, it’s simply too much to tank and forces us to use a counter. But how does one counter a skill that keeps reappearing every 10 seconds and bursts for 8k? You would have to have constant access to dodges, gap closers, reflects, stability, etc.

Personally I think that is too much to ask for just one skill. What’s the solution? Ultimately I believe the solution is just a longer cool down. Make it 20-30 seconds and I’m down. I mean so far I’ve seen rangers kill good players from 1,000-1,500 range and they don’t even need to swap weapons.

Necromancer for example. You cant get close enough to do much if the ranger is smart. It doenst matter if condi or power.

Warrior to a degree – if hes not using GS. Lets say a Rifle and Axe/Axe warrior for example. Would have a very hard time getting close, he still can have his immunities regardless of his weapons, but the ranger can easily stealth and then switching to GS and leap away, waiting till the stances are over and resetting the fight. The warrior has no real counterplay to that, he can safe his blocks and stances untill he can fully engage but the ranger easily keeps the range and killing the warrior with RF as well as AA, both hit very very hard in a power build. Even IF the ranger should do a mistake he still has a 6 sec invulnerability or lighting reflexes to get out if he pleases.

Guardian actualy has the kinda same problems, but can block / aegis the CC effects a little better, basicly can handle the pressure better, + has some really good gapclosers at hand that dont rely on a projectile.

Any mesmer without PU / stealth centric has the same problem.

These are just examples, but basicly ANY class that doesnt have a gapcloser or stealth built in the used build can only loose in a open field fight if the ranger is of equal skill. These is not a factor of “outplaying”, this is simply a complete lack of reasonable counterplay. Nobody would complain about loosing against a good ranger, nobody would complain about getting outplayed by skill, but people will always complain about something they simply cant do anything in the first place. If a fight is basicly GG before it started because i play a necromancer and happen to see a longbow ranger something is terrible wrong.


My Review Of The New Player Experience In Guild Wars 2

Before I begin, allow me to give a little background information about myself. I have been playing since the first beta weekend. My main character is a guardian, and I have a total of six level 80 characters on my account. I have participated to some degree in every single release. Now, without further ado, my review:

I decided that since so many people were whining on forums about the New Player Experience.I’d see what all the fuss was about. I decided to roll a guardian since it is the class I find most enjoyable, I have the most experience with, and it’s the class I would pick for my first character. As of this writing, I have finished the second story arc with said character. I did not withdraw anything from my bank or buy anything (save a single basic salvage kit). Be warned that some of the following will contain minor spoilers.

In all honesty, I found the tutorial to be really, really boring. Personally, I find the mace to be a very boring weapon already, and being forced to auto-attack for what seemed to be ten forevers and a day, while whoever was ahead of me took their sweet time killing the earth elemental. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they also only had access to their auto-attack as well. As it is now, there is no reason to kill any extra centaurs.

Level 2-10:
I presume the accelerated leveling was due to the lack of personal story involvement. This was always a great source for low level experience. The item rewards at level up were a nice touch, particularly the aqua breathers. I would suggest a different weapon as a reward for the first level up if for nothing else, just for the sake of variety. I was not fond of being completely powerless underwater until level 8, especially since I seem to be one of the few people who actually enjoys underwater combat to some extent due to the z-axis. I did notice a few attacks with more noticeable telegraphs. I consider that to be a good thing that should lead to an earlier focus on dodging. To be honest, the little arrow pointing at my recharging Shelter wasn’t any help. Being unable to use all of my weapon skills, my virtues, or even a single utility skill seemed like an unnecessary handicap. Being unable to even do a skill challenge seems crippling and causes unneeded backtracking…I’m looking at you Carnie Jeb.

Level 10 Arc:
It was nice doing the entire Arc together for a change, even though I did miss the early experience I had always gotten before. Finishing this arc got me to level 13 and provided a few decent gear upgrades. The Black Lion Chest RNG still seems to hate me though…

Level 13-20:
The lack of skills really becomes apparent here with the advent of more enemies, conditions, etc. The lack of skills even killed me once. “Things are looking a bit rough, time to use skill 8…oh right…” I was glad when level 15 came and I could finally use my second weapon set. The stat and skill point dumps didn’t really make me feel stronger. I was just relieved that I finally had access to them, instead of steadily growing stronger. In my opinion, a set number of levels difference should be a decent indicator of strength regardless of level. To me, the old trait system’s minor and major traits achieved the feeling mentioned in the blog post. “Only 2 more levels and I can get gw2 gold here.” At this level range, I also finished mapping Queensdale.

Level 20 Arc:
My opinions are pretty much the same as with the previous arc, save the Black Lion thing. Although the experience wasn’t as useful. The gear was nicer though.

Post Level 20 Arc:
I ended up getting to level 21. It was quite frustrating not even getting my Virtue of Courage. In addition to the things I mentioned above, there are a few things I feel would help the New Player Experience™. One of the things I would always recommend to new players who wanted more experience was to go to the other races’ newb areas. Even with the first map partially unexplored, this would help new players get to a strength where they can better manage things. With the exception of the arrow that misled some players (which I disabled within minutes of installing the patch), I didn’t notice anything encouraging exploration or cooperation. I think increasing access to the wiki would assist with the lack of information new players often have. Think of the wiki links in GW1. Personally, I’d like to see the ability to click on something pinged in chat and being taken directly the wiki page. I’ve also noticed that the /wiki command seems to be almost completely unknown, even by more experienced players. The GW2 community is the most helpful I have seen in any mmo. It seems a waste to rely on a highly flawed system, rather than to make full use of one of the best resources the game has to offer.