The Stretch Goals In Guild Wars 2

Taking a kickstarter-ish approach to the problem. The map itself would be one made by the dev’s with a certain amount of lumber, textiles and metals to create lions arch itself. After which the community can keep on donating resources for extra benefits and different things to be made in lions arch. These stretch goals would take many forms, one idea is to have small stretch goals, like getting 10,000 extra lumber/textiles/metal will sponsor the making of a small memorial statue to remember the defeat of scarlet and her minions in the form of a statue showing the destruction of the Breachmaker. This could evolve to much larger goals, such as donating 100,000 lumber/textiles/metal would garner the construction of new bridges to make travel easer around the city. These goals could be anything the dev’s and community desire, the devs could even open up a forum for people to make suggestions.

If i was to make a suggestion it would be if we reach a certain number of gold ore/gold ingot’s and gemstones we would get out beloved lion statue back anew and in working order, but if we reach a stretch goal of say 100,000 cheap gw2 gold/gold ingot’s and gemstones we get a pimped out version of the lion statue, encrusted with gemstones and lots of golden embellishments.

Depending on the dev’s we could track an overall amount of resources for larger or fantastic goals and track each resource individually for different smaller rewards and upgrades to the city.

In the end you could set ludicrous goals as well, like millions of resources donated could sponser the creation of a new stadium to return moa racing to lions arch. Crazy stuff that may never be reached, but if the community set their minds to reach it, i think they should be rewarded for it.

The benefit of this method of restoring lions arch is that any map the dev’s want could be used, with allowance for certain improvements upon reaching goals. Also the restoration of lions arch could take place then the extra goals could be constructed and implemented in the coming months.