Why Aren’t Rangers Ever Wanted In Guild Wars 2

While certainly not the only class with problems, the Ranger really has had quite a poor showing in WvW in the past 2 years.

Part of the problem is the pets and spirits are literally useless in WvW due to all the AE spam that exists. Pets and spirits account for the overwhelming majority of utility available on the class. That said, even if they weren’t useless, the utility is provided in such an awkward way it’s really of limited value anyway.

In the upcoming patch we’re really not seeing much improve for the class. A slight burst increase on a weapon that is still quite poor and completely ineffective without fully traiting it. Pet traits are no longer going to be species specific, but pets are useless in anything but roaming.

So I ask… what could ANet possibly do to make commanders want to include Rangers in their groups? What could they do for the class to earn them at least 1 spot on a 20v20 GvG?

Speaking in the most general terms, the ranger can only be included in GvG if a compelling reason is given for the ranger to participate as a backline assist. There is no way that ranger can be made to work near frontline the way necro can be, due to what you’ve already pointed out.

The difficulty in slotting ranger for GvG is simply in the trade-off of the class utility that you lose vs. what you gain. It’s the same reasons that engineer isn’t used yet.

I suppose it’s worth noting also that the GvG meta-game may appear in PvP on the day that a deathmatch map is introduced.