Guild Wars 2 Feature Pack Recovery Crew

Simple place to fire off quick thoughts on the changes as a whole. A few rules however.

-no Q.Q, this isn’t a collection of rants. Now if you have a problem, you can explain it (preferably brief) but don’t go on and on about some “game breaking nerf”.

-this isn’t for what could of been addressed (bugs, broken traits,etc) this is for what was changed and why the result may or may not be acceptable to someone.

-Respect others opinions (kinda a given)

-Shorter is better, or atleast use some format of tl;dr to help readers understand.

-Not a place for suggestions as they usually need either several posts explaining it or long posts to cover all angles.

With that, I’ll start up the format.

Problem: Elite stat removal
Why: Not every profession have a luxury supply of elite choices. When some were utilizing the stat increases just to make use of a channel it only further cut their place in the game. I do believe in the end elites should stand on their own but until they are all looked into this should of been left alone.

Problem: Amulet choices
Why: There are a bunch of amulets that are simply too exclusive to certain professions due to their natural stats in either a builds’ trait line or from their vit/armor. The recent addition of assassin didn’t really give us anything we didn’t have before in various forms, also curious as to why valkryie isn’t the pve/wvw form still :/

Problem: Self might stacking and fire/air sigils
Why: I don’t believe this is a new problem, just one that’s more commonly used as people found out they could ditch their offensive traits and gear and just use heavy self-might stacking for their damage. I have no problem with groups blasting for group effects, this comes down more so to traits and other effects that dish out long lasting might giving heavy damage for more “tanky” builds. Fire/Air sigil plays a role in this as well unfortunately. I wouldn’t say flat out nerf these things but just look into them to make them less attractive over true offensive build properties from trait lines, runes, amulets, etc.