Caledon Forest – Vista Location Guide In Guild Wars 2

This guide will cover the locations of all Vista locations in the city of Caledon Forest for the MMORPG Guild Wars 2. Within you will find a list of each with pictures and directions on how to reach them along with a video walkthrough.

Caledon Forest is the first area new Sylvani players will find themselves exploring after completing their introductory story quest. Located north of the grove and covering quite a bit of land area, this region has a total of 8 vistas to collect towards it’s map completion.

Ruins of the Unseen

The Ruins of the Unseen vista is definitely the most complicated to reach of the points in this area. Start out by traveling north from the Mabon Market waypoint, through the ruins and past the marker towards where you’ll find the hostile skritt spawning. In the northern corner of where their spawn begins, you’ll find a bunch of crates stacked upon each other that you can use to reach a wood platform above. You’ll need to clear out some of the enemies here to progress further, since the slowing of movement caused by them aggroing you will keep you from making your jumps.

From the upper platform, face south to find the beginning pof a series of wood planks that run alongside the ruined structure/wall the vista is located on. After the first stretch, you’ll reach a section of the wall that you can cross over to the other side, where a lone plank sits on the same level, however you will need to drop down on the opposite side where you’ll find a second series that will take you up to the next level.

After doubling back near the top on this second stretch, you’ll end up on the top section of the wall. Carefully jump onto the left ledge and make your way past the column that blocks you from the vista, then one final leap of faith until the point is yours.

Sandycove Beach

Back to the easy mode vistas, for Sandycove Beach, take the Gleamer’s Cove waypoint and just run north along the road until you reach the Bay Haven fort which the vista resides inside.

As you enter the fort, look to the right side for a small ramp that leads up to the wall and find the wooden beam that juts out from the side of the ledge, which you can easily jump up, and carefully walk to it’s end to collect the point.