Guild Wars 2 Spider Queen: Easiest, Fastest Way 4 To Everyone

I am posting this because I am kind of tired of having to explain how to beat the Spider Queen easily and quickly every single time I run.

I am actually surprised that I have found very little discussion about it, given the fact that most pugs pretty much muddle their way through the opening boss fight at Spider Queen, and often times wipe at least once.Yes I am aware that stacking at normal spot with very specific classes and combination of utilities, summons and skills can still down her in seconds.However, most pugs don’t fill that requirement, so we need a way that works for everyone.

This is what has been working for me, every single time:
First: stack at normal spot. If some members of the party want to stand on fence and take out gargoyles while waiting to choose a path, great.

Second: When path is chosen and 5th member is on his way, aggro in all the spider hatchlings to the normal stack spot. Kill with extreme prejudice.

Third: pull the SQ over. Kill as many hatchlings as possible before she gets to the stack spot and spits her immobilizing skill. Right before she gets there RUN. It helps to have a condition breaking skill or utility here, for those of us who do, you could consider getting in a few extra hits and cure immobolize if she gets you before you can bail.

Fourth: Fight the SQ towards the rear of that large room if possible. Avoid red circles. As many of you know, she is weak sauce and goes down easy, even when you can’t stack and share buffs with your party.

The key to this tactic is killing as many hatchlings as possible in the normal stack spot. By stacking in the normal spot first and wiping them out quickly, you eliminate all the bleeds they throw out while you’re trying to take down SQ. (And if your party managed to take out some gargoyle heads before the fight too, bonus.)

ANY pug can do this. When I start the run, I simply say “Spider queen: stack at normal spot and kill hatchlings ONLY. Take out as many as possible until queen comes up. When she does – RUN and fight in open area.”

If a pugs listens, SQ goes down very easily, quickly, and with no need to rez or WP. Otoh, pugs that feel no one is going to tell them how to play? Wipe and try again.