Downed/stomping – The Unwanted Feature Guild Wars 2

Downed state (DS) has been complained about since beta. My highly unscientific guesstimation of those that PVP based on forum responses would be that roughly 25% hate it, 25% like it, and 50% don’t like it but have learned to live with it. I certainly know of PVPing friends of mine who don’t play this game because of how much downed state turned them off.

For me personally, i’m in the hate category. I would otherwise describe myself as a hardcore PVPer but I don’t PVP in this game at all (only WVW) because I hate downed state so much I can’t stand PVP in this game.

I hate how it plays, hate how it looks, hate how it breaks the flow of the action, and especially hate how it totally ruins 1v2s and heavily favours the side with the greater numbers (the opposite of what well-designed game mechanics should be aiming for).

How anyone thought that being forced into a 4-skill mini-game when you die would be more fun/engaging than the main combat is beyond me. From my perspective it’s one of the clear reasons why competitive PVP has bombed hard in this game over the past 2 years and a core reason of why it will never be good, because DS is just not fun.

IMO instead of kittening around and essentially bribing players to play PVP with handouts (and I note, PVP is still very unpopular), Anet should seriously consider making DS optional (eg: in custom arenas) and seeing how players react.