Guild Wars 2 Tips for Mai Trin

Tips for Mai Trin:

  • Stealth: Use stealth during the AoE cannon phase to give your team some breathing room so they don’t have to avoid the cannons for as long. This does not “reset Mai” as many people incorrectly believe – this only occurs during the Mai Trin fighting phase, and even then only if all 5 people are stealthed (it is very easy to throw out your stealth then attack so that your’e the only one visible while the others rez). I always bring Mass Invisibility and sometimes bring Decoy as a mesmer on this fight.
  • Condition Removal: Bring condition removal – her stacks of bleeding are brutal, as is the fire from Horrik’s cannon. Make sure to bring your own condition removal. I always bring Mantra of Resolve or Phantasmal Disenchanter (I’ve been favoring this recently) as a mesmer.
  • Reflects: Bring reflects. You can reflect her long-range pistol shot. Instead of her teleporting to you and instantly killing you (yes, her buff makes her 1 shot everyone at high level fractals), when this attack is reflected she instead teleports whoever reflected her to herself – so make sure you follow up with a dodge
  • Cripple/Chill: These are not super useful, but if you can get through her Unshakable and defiance stacks, they can slow her down for a bit to make kiting easier.

Mai Trin & General Strategy

1.) Don’t spam attacks against Mai until she has 7 or less stacks. Focus on sticking close to her and getting her in the electric AoE to get rid of her 10 stacks of Captain’s Shield. Spamming abilities not only does almost no damage when she has a lot of stacks, it also makes it very difficult to see her attack animations – the people spamming attacks will not only do no damage, they could potentially cause the death of other players.

2.) One of her attacks is a long range pistol shot that results in a shadowstep (teleport) to whoever she hits. She always targets the person who is farthest away from her. It has a huge tell: She turns to face whoever she is targeting and raises her arm and points it at her target Babe Ruth style. It takes about 1-2 seconds, and gives players plenty of time to see it coming. BLOCK this skill. You cannot dodge/evade it – mistform or a block is the only way you’re not getting shot by this (beyond reflects).

3.) Her other attack involves spinning around and shooting 3 lighting bolts out of her skirt. These can be dodged/evaded but cannot be blocked. These usually deal ~1/2 health to a squishy character. They cannot be reflected. The tell on this skill is much shorter and harder to see coming, so just be ready to dodge as soon as you see her twirl.

4.) Rez people as quickly as you can, especially if they aren’t completely dead. Only one person should go to rez, everyone else should attempt to take her aggro. Be mindful of who the furthest person away is – if you are the rezzer and its you, get ready to cancel rezzing to block the attack. If you aren’t the rezzer, make sure you get further away from Mai than the rezzer and get ready to block the attack in an attempt to keep the aggro off the person rezzing.